Any tips for study plan?

  1. I took the nclex exam last year and i failed. I know my study plan was not effective cause during that time i am switching from one book to another and i ended up not finishing any book. now, i am asking for any advice. i am workign as a full time nurse too. can you please give me a good and effective study plan, and also i am looking for an online study partner? we can exchange notes, etc. thank you!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    As you have figured out, it is best to use one resource, at least in the beginning. Many start with Saunders Comprehensive Review. Do as many questions as possible and study the rationales. Make your appointment to test and keep the date. Use a calendar to keep track of your study. Good luck.
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    thanks for that.. i actually have a saunders 4th edition.. i am reading it. chapter by chapter...
  6. by   april31099
    My husband is using NCLEX Made Incredibly Easy. I got him both the comprehensive review book and the practice questions book. The books are laid out the same, so you can read a chapter then go to the questions book and take a test on that material to reinforce and help retain the information. Plus each review chapter has a "cheat sheet" which is a quick review of all the key concepts in that chapter. The practice questions are on one side of the page and the rationales on are on the other side of the page so you can check your answer and read/study the rationale while the question is fresh in your mind. It also comes with a cd with practice tests. He's waiting to finish the books before starting the cd. Each practice test is approx. 150 questions. He really likes it. We also bought the Exam Cram practice questions book. He's starting that after finishing the NCLEX Made Incredibly Easy.

    Good luck on your test!