Any NY NCLEX-RN takers? Any NY NCLEX-RN takers? | allnurses

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Any NY NCLEX-RN takers?

  1. 0 Hi,
    I am looking for a study buddy in NY for the NCLEX RN exam. My name is Diane and I live in Queens, NY. Please reply soon. Diane
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    I AM Currently preparing for Rn exam and I live in longisland.
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    Really? cool! and ur name? I'm Diane
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    renee, I want to do my exam the first wk of december.
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    Hi Renee,
    That's the name of my best friend! Really? how's ur studies coming along? Di
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    some times, I have a good study day, and other days I feel not so good. I Just to do at least 100 questions a day. I am also using about 6 books for questions. Concentrating mostly on Saunders, kaplan and exam cram.