Any FEB2012 NCLEXRN Test Takers out there?

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    I'm taking (FINALLY) the NCLEX-RN for the FIRST time on February 16, 2012. My anxiety level is skyrocketing because I finished my RN-BSN in another country a year and a half ago. I don't know if I've still got it. Meanwhile, I've been working as a Clinical Technician in a step-down unit. I did the three month KAPLAN program right after graduation (which feels like eons ago)...Then 2 months ago, I purchased the Judy Miller cd's and workbook. (Kaplan's so much better)...I'm also doing Saunders practice questions...

    I beg for your sage advice. Pleeeeease:bowingpur

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    looks like we won't be taking the exam that far apart... let me know how everything pans out...
    mine is in Feb also
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    I am scheduled Feb.16th also. This will be my second time. I am doing saunders CD and NCSBN.
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    I sure hope you make it this time. I'm not an astrology fan, but Feb16 is supposed to be a good day careerwise. So, are the Saunders questions close enough to nclex questions? Or is it simpler? Thanks!
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    Wow I sure hope so. Saunders questions are good to study with, some are close to the NCLEX but I think NCSBN has the best questions.
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    I must say that Saunder's is very good content review. But its questions are way easier than the actual nclex-rn exam. I took and failed my 1st attempt last dec 2010, and I only used Saunder's. Now I redesigned my review plan. Still relying on Saunders, but added a few more resources for practice questions like kaplan, exam cram and nclex 4500.

    Will retest on march 9. Good luck to us! We can do it!!
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    hi! im planning to take the exam this feb too! i didn't schedule yet but i started reading since the beginning of this year..i'm using kaplan book (for content), kaplan strategy book, la charity and nclex 4000. it will be my 3rd time to take the test and hope i'll be RN after this..there is HOPE!=)
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    Hello! I am scheduled to take NCLEX Feb 25th and I am soooooooo nervous. I am currently taking Kaplan and I will use Saunders for extra content review. After Kaplan, I will continue to do 150 questions per day from their qbank and everyday til the exam I will focus on my weaknesses and review.

    We can do this...with much prayer and hard work...its obtainable!!!

    Best wishes to all!!!
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    im suggesting ncsbn, saunders comprehensive, and nursing excell review that is based in chicago. they also travel in california.their website is Excell Nursing Review | Home theyre quiet expensive but worth it.
    ncsbn has questionaires that was somewhat like my exam which was about 20 items
    saunders has the content review.
    excell is if u didnt actually have the time to read saunders or doesnt really get it.
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    Thanks, everyone. I'm down with a bad case of the flu. I'm trying to study so I don't waste this day. But my head hurts too much along with everything else :-(

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