Any FEB2012 NCLEXRN Test Takers out there?


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  1. How hard was your NCLEXRN exam?

    • So brain was bruised.
    • Some beads of sweat. But I was ok.
    • What exam? I breezed through it.

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I looked at the exam cram book at my library. I didn't really care for it but others have said it is a good source.

12 hours a day of studying sounds like lot. Remember self care is important too! Try to take some time to do something you enjoy :) and deep breathe!

2/1/12 is going to be a good day for us! Best of luck.

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I will be taking mine somtime in Feb also can't say the date because my co-worker does't want to know and she is a regular on allnurses...Hi Karen :) lol....I've been doing lots of questions and my school is offering a 3 day review class next week...everyone good luck :yeah:


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can you pls give me the nclex 4,500 questions, i test in a month. my email is God bless you for doing that. I am retaking this exam and need real help.