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hello guys. can you please share with me your strategies in answering select all that apply type questions because i know its my weakness at this point. thank you! :)... Read More

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    ive noticed something that is only *now* obvious.
    when looking at SATA , there is often two groupings.
    for example, if it says someone is immunocomprimised, i am looking to group answers that have to do with protective/neutropenic precautions, hand hygiene, reporting a temp of 100.4 and above, etc

    or if u are looking at a shingles pt and it says who can care for this person? think chicken pox hx or vacciene. pick those two as opposed to other infectious diseases

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    is any body know about aplus nclex review.
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    Quote from Alum08
    Google NCLEX 3500. There is a link to a community college NCLEX 3500. There are hundreds of SATA questions. I feel they really helped me prepare.
    Are you referring to this website?

    Main Menu - NCLEX-RN 3500 - Institutional Version

    I hate to enter into something that might be a virus in disguise. Thanks.
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    Yes, that's the one!!!
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    first, determine the topic of the question.
    then, go down each answer and determine "TRUE, this does apply to the topic of the question" or "FALSE, this does not apply to the topic of the question." eliminate as you read each one and have determined true or false.
    DON'T go back and change a False as True or vice versa.
    DON'T second guess your judgement!
    the SATA success and fail rate depends on how well you're familiar with nursing content. good luck!

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