Am I ready for NCLEX-RN? Freaking out here... Am I ready for NCLEX-RN? Freaking out here... | allnurses

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Am I ready for NCLEX-RN? Freaking out here...

  1. 0 Hi guys,

    I will be taking my board exam in a couple of days and I am seriously freaking out. I know that this is normal for EVERYONE, but I'm afraid my anxiety will get the best of me when it comes time to actually taking the exam. My results for various sources are below... but question is, do you think I'm ready to take the exam? Any reassurance would be great. Thank you.

    Kaplan Q Trainer:
    Q 1: 53%
    Q 2: 67%
    Q 3: 59%
    Q 4: 58%

    I have not yet taken Q 5-7

    La Charity:
    Chapter 1: 65%
    Chapter 2: 61%
    Chapter 3: 91%
    Chapter 4: 63%
    Chapter 5: 61%
    Chapter 6: 74%
    Chapter 7: 71%
    Chapter 8: 75%
    Chapter 9: 76%

    NCLEX 4000
    My average would be in the mid 70s

    My scores vary between 60s - 70s. I did get a few passing score of >75%
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    Goodluck healthcare4life!

    I can't really tell from the scores you have.. Just believe in what your capable of!..
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    I read in this thread that someone was in her 40s/50s on the kaplan trainer and she still passed with 75 questions.
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    Thanks guys
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    @ healthcare4life try get through the rest of the QT because QT6 and 7 are very strong predictors of the nclex pass rates. aim for 60% or higher anyways good luck! and leave 1 day for rest can't show up to exam exhausted from the practice ones. Your Name, RN can do!
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    Q5: 58%
    Q6: 63%

    Will take Q7 tomorrow.

    I will be taking my exam in 2 days and I'm seriously freaking out