Am I crazy?! NCLEX-RN is in 5 days and I'm just now doing 150Q+ length tests

  1. I've been studying since January but February is when I started studying like crazy. I did Kaplan and another local review.

    Question is, my test is in 5 days and i'm JUST now doing my question trainer 6. Reviewing the rationales is taking me half a day, and i'm not even at the half point of the test.
    I only have qbank access since December and have been getting high 50s and 60s.

    According to Kaplan, this is still good. they want us to get at least 60% on all qbank questions and QT 6 and 7.

    but am I crazy for starting the question trainers so late?
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  3. by   ADN2B
    Rationales are your friend. You see, on the NCLEX, the questions will not be the same as the questions that you practice. Included in the answers, is lots of information on the topic that is what you really need to know. Also, it is pulled from many different sources. That gives you the chance to get key points from textbooks that you did not read. Saunders references each source after the rationale. Try not to focus on the percentage correct or the time spent. Quality time studying rationales, practicing questions and reviewing test taking techniques is the priority. Good luck!