75 Questions on NCLEX, pass or fail? - page 66

I see lots of posts about passing or failing with 75 questions, just curious what the stats are. I would like to think that nursing school prepares us enough that those who get 75 are mostly passing?... Read More

  1. by   peggyshadel
    I took the NCLEX today and also got halted at 75 questions. I have several classmates that had the same experience and all passed. I did the Pearsonvue trick and got the good box. Soooo, I am hoping to see my name on the BON website (maybe) as soon as tomorrow. The Utah Board has been posting them really fast, so maybe I'll get official word sooner than later.
  2. by   Lizzie Clayre
    I did the "Pearson trick" of trying to register again 15 minutes after I finished... Got the "good pop up" and passed... Only 75 questions and tons of SATA and alternate item format!
  3. by   jassy07
    I have been reading the comments on this site for a while now. I finally registered so I could place some input. I graduated in May and took the NCLEX in October. I studied about for 1-2 months before I took it. I just took the NCLEX yesterday and found out I passed today!!! I passed with 75 questions and I could swear I thought I failed.
    I was going insane yesterday, already planning on how I would tackle studying again. I thought I guessed on every question, which I probably did!
    My school had us do the Hurst Review, it's nice for the review of the body systems and various conditions that go along with them but it really doesn't get into prioritizing, delegations, infections, safety, etc. So I do not recommend it to someone that is going out and spending his or her money willingly on this. Again our school made us!
    I really liked the Kaplan Review books I purchased, there are numerous ones out there but the ones I got really helped me get use to the question format. I found the questions in the Kaplan books were pretty similar to the NCLEX. Kaplan teaches you how to tackle the questions which it what I think helped me succeed.
    I also used the Mary Hogan NCLEX Review book, which was pretty thick and in detail. But I highly recommend it. It's filled with a lot of content, quizzes, and a practice test.
    Do as many practice questions as possible. It helps you study the material and get you use to the questions styles.