3rd time is a charm

  1. Well I can't help but share my success story I started nursing school January 2012 I failed a class and sat out a semester just so I can start again well when I started back I came back pregnant this time.. In January 2013 with an expected graduation date of June 2013 my baby died and I delivered a baby boy (stillborn) with the strict attendance guidelines the school had I returned in 4 days and proceeded I graduated in June although it was 6 months away from my original grad date I still did it! Thinking that the hard part was over I scheduled my first nclex exam in October I barely studied in fact I didn't know where to begin but I said "I got this" had 205 question did the PVT and got the credit card machine when I received my failing results I was near the passing standard in every category so I said not bad but try again so in December I scheduled again this time I did the Kaplan strategy online class took the test I failed with 122 questions the scores were above in 3 categories and below in the rest although I was getting worried would I ever reach my destiny I kept working as a cna despite the many questions my co workers kept asking what's taking so long? How did fail? Blah, blah, blah I knew my 3rd try was coming and if I didn't pass I would have to take a refreshers course in my mind (more money) I can't afford this! So I bought the Saunders book, and the Kaplan strategies along with the I line qbank and I borrowed an exam cram book from a class mate and I studied every single day I did questions at least 75-100 I read every rationale there was! I even watch the guy in YouTube who breaks down lab values easily a million times The night before my test I decided to read the 35 page study guide once I read it I went to sleep the morning of my test feb 27 yesterday I arrive 30 mins early when I sat at my computer and finished the tutorial I wrote at the top of the white board "God is in control" then I wrote the acronyms out for airborne droplet and contact precautions and all the lab values and then I took my test! The computer shut off at 89 and every thing I wrote helped me on my test in fact I finished in 45 minutes lol! I had 1 math 5-6 drag and drop and about 8 SATA the rest were prioritizing!!
    When I left the site I did the put and there was the pop up I cried all the way home because my journey to today was a rough one I'm awaiting my quick results which I can do tomorrow! But I just wanted to share this with any repeat testers out there don't give up forget the test u failed approach the next test like u never took one before and pray!!
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  3. by   Hadassah16
    Jbarbee, To God be the Glory, great thing He had done in your life my Dear. I am so proud of you and very happy for your success. You are a very strong person. Sorry for your lost. Continue to stay strong. You are my inspiration. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
  4. by   jbarbee88
    Thank you very much
  5. by   MissyNik
    Congrats!!!!! You did it!!!!
  6. by   jbarbee88
    Thank you!!
  7. by   Hadassah16
    You are welcome Jbarbee. Please tell me how the Exam Cram book help in your NCLEX exam? I happened to like the exam cram book.
  8. by   MAStudent8578
    Congrats! I took my test the 27 of Feb as well. I did the PVT and got the good pop up. Do you know how long it takes to get quick results? it is like business day only and Sat and Sun doesn't count? I'm like constantly check my BON and i don't see my name. ugh this is fustrating but CONGRATS TO YOU!!!! Happy job Hunting
  9. by   jbarbee88
    The exam cram book questions were similar to Kaplan qbank but both gives u rationales for each answer and if u study that way I guarantee u that u will see it on nclex!
  10. by   jbarbee88
    Thank you actually the quick results work on sat and Sunday I got mine at 9am
  11. by   USRN2Be