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    Took my NCLEX yesterday in Iowa. Was soo nervous! Got to my testing sight 30 minutes early like they say to. They checked me in and I started my test 15 minutes early about 7:45 AM. I took my time and concentrated. At about 120 questions I took my first break. I went to the restroom and grabbed a drink. Then went back at it. At 170 questions the test shut off. I want my test to keep going. I walked out of the test center unsure how I felt! I waited about two hour to do the PVT. It came up with the good pop up! I'm still unsure how I feel about the trick. I had 42 SATA, 6 drag and drop, 1 math, and 5 hot spots. Now it's just a waiting game until my 48 hours are up! I truthfully think I passed based on the amount of people praying for me! I said soo many prayers throughout the test!
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    Your prayers were answered Congrats!!
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    Yes, God is so good. You passed. I had 179 questions and I left the center convinced I passed. I did PVT and it gave the good pop up, I printed the Passed after 49hrs. Like you, so many people were praying for me.
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    Congratulations!! Prayer is so helpful!
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    Congrats and prayer for your official pass results. I never did like sata so to hear that you had about 40 is scary to me lol. I test this Thurs and am believing that God will be with me as he has.
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    I took the test today, about 4 hours ago, I still have a terrible headache.I had a lot of SATA questions.
    As soon as i got home I made the trick and the pop up appear but without the google icon as I saw in the posted videos in you tube.
    Do you think I pass? There is a lot of people praying for me too.
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    Sweet Relief!
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    Did my quick results today! Passed!
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    Quote from sassyfivey
    Did my quick results today! Passed!
    Congrats nurse