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  1. Took my NCLEX yesterday in Iowa. Was soo nervous! Got to my testing sight 30 minutes early like they say to. They checked me in and I started my test 15 minutes early about 7:45 AM. I took my time and concentrated. At about 120 questions I took my first break. I went to the restroom and grabbed a drink. Then went back at it. At 170 questions the test shut off. I want my test to keep going. I walked out of the test center unsure how I felt! I waited about two hour to do the PVT. It came up with the good pop up! I'm still unsure how I feel about the trick. I had 42 SATA, 6 drag and drop, 1 math, and 5 hot spots. Now it's just a waiting game until my 48 hours are up! I truthfully think I passed based on the amount of people praying for me! I said soo many prayers throughout the test!
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  3. by   KimberlyRN89
    Your prayers were answered Congrats!!
  4. by   Makama1
    Yes, God is so good. You passed. I had 179 questions and I left the center convinced I passed. I did PVT and it gave the good pop up, I printed the Passed after 49hrs. Like you, so many people were praying for me.
  5. by   jmiraRN
    Congratulations!! Prayer is so helpful!
  6. by   nursemami4
    Congrats and prayer for your official pass results. I never did like sata so to hear that you had about 40 is scary to me lol. I test this Thurs and am believing that God will be with me as he has.
  7. by   vict77
    I took the test today, about 4 hours ago, I still have a terrible headache.I had a lot of SATA questions.
    As soon as i got home I made the trick and the pop up appear but without the google icon as I saw in the posted videos in you tube.
    Do you think I pass? There is a lot of people praying for me too.
  8. by   Trillion
    Sweet Relief!
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  9. by   sassyfivey
    Did my quick results today! Passed!
  10. by   kerrynurse
    Quote from sassyfivey
    Did my quick results today! Passed!
    Congrats nurse