12 Lead EKG nclex?

  1. I know my auscultation placement however I'm not familiar with the 12 lead placement, just wondering if I should even bother with this ?
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  3. by   PCCUer
    Just with your basic EKG readings. At least know what a vtach looks like, or vFib, or normal sinus.
  4. by   helppassnclex
    Thank you CCUer
  5. by   caliotter3
    I would not bother. Just stick with the basic readings as previously suggested. I've always been able to remember flat line!
  6. by   TheSquire
    Because circling a boob is so hard to do with leads... /sarcasm
  7. by   helppassnclex
    Hahaha I know... It's just when you are sitting in front of that screen your mind goes blank from the nerves.
  8. by   PCCUer
    You know what I remember from the test? I had about 5 audio questions. I was just fortunate that I clicked on audio questions from Saunders like the day before I sat for NCLEX - seriously. Tricky part was that the answer choices were the audio, and the question was something like, "The patient came in coughing, blah blah... You auscultated his lungs and you heard this sound which suggests blah blah." I panicked and tried to calm myself for a whole minute there then listened to the choices for at least 4x. Then the other audio question was about "S3". I was like... "***********!"

    I got more questions that were similar to Saunders. Kaplan's questions are too confusing... and their so-called "strategy" didn't really work for me. I figured I would only waste precious time if I'd concern myself too much of their recommended strategies rather than using those seconds/minutes understanding the question presented.
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  9. by   helppassnclex
    CCUer omg!! I would have died too!!!! Im not good at all with heart sound there's just so many!! I'm so stressed