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    hi everybody...12/12/12 is my exam date for RN.....i know we never feel prepared . same here...i am so excited to face my exam but on the other hand feel soooooooo anxious...try to study hard....... and hope GOD will help me..... so please give me any last time suggestion.tips,,,,,,,, i did kaplan. ncsbn and PDA book.. my overall score in qbank is 58 and in readiness exam is 64. your suggestion will be very very usefull for me..... good luck to all...................

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    Good luck to you!
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    Good luck to you and just keep answering questions. Mine is on the 27th.
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    hey good luck too u ....try best..... and thanks
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    thank you, get some good rest the night before and just have faith.
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    Shergillnav- good luck next wednesday. Im scheduled for 12/12/12 at 1230 for my nclex as well but for pn. I feel like i have more to review and i feel i dont know everything. This isnt my first and i hope this is my last...hopefully i can bring good news afterwards.. Get lots of rest and relax a day before the test....
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    ilvnursing07 oh same date...goog good...u too hv faith on GOD ... good luck...hpe we ll post here again ith good news......
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    Hi! mine is 13th, omG I just did ncsbn for 2 months and no books... just my notes... I didnt know all the meds (i lost my meds flash cards o an airplane... ) and this scared me... well hope we all pass this test and start work soon...
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    Kg3082- doing ncsbn for 1 week has already helped me answering questions and tackling how to attempt it if i dont recall the subject. I use the saunders 5th ed as well and they go hand in hand. Hopefully this is good enough for this test! Good luck all!!!
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    its true medicine always scaring me....m not well familiar with medicine.....even sometime do wrong answer with most papular medicine...now hope its my 1st and last time..........hope same for u all guys...... i plan to read lab values and antidote and other important notes at last day like on 11th.....then GOD ll handle everything//////////

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