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I graduated in May 2012 with my BSN! I needed to get my two children on track with homeschool before I focused on NCLEX preparations. 6 months later and the time has come! I will formally begin... Read More

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    Quote from vinsmuffin
    But none of the questions I faced in the test were anywhere close to the practice questions I tried with Saunders.
    hmmm. interesting. why do you say that? harder/easier/not even relevant?

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    Thanks so much for your encouraging words!!
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    Im back, finally! Feeling much better. Already studied for 4 hours. Pediatric chapter 36 in Saunder and Case Study #19 in PDA second edition.

    Happy Studying everyone....time is ticking!!! Focus and lets do this!
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    hi everyone.... from last 5 dayz m not able to study as i lost my grandpa... now he is no more with us. m missing him a lot.... m trying to come back to study.... guys can u tell me or give me the link of study guide... my email is kaurkomal204@ymail.com
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    Sorry to hear about your grandpa gkbaby...sent you a study guide link in a private message. Guys...my NCLEX is TOMORROW I am trying to remain calm and tell myself I have been working hard for this for a very long time but I have to admit I am still SO NERVOUS! My fear is I will sit down and look at my first question and draw a blank to everything I know! Terrible, right?! UGHHH!
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    HI katielady gud luck for your exam... hope u will pass and will start your life as a RN
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    Good luck @katielady!!! Take your time, you're ready for this! Let us know how it is!
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    2 weeks till my NCLEX date and I have officially started studying for it. Did some Kaplan, Prep-U, and NCSBN questions. I haven't really started too much content review per say, but have the HESI-RN book for that.
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    Quote from mwc1230
    Today was my first day of Hurst. Has anyone taken this before? I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing except for attending the class for 3 days.
    Have you watched day 4 & 5 yet? I haven't, was wondering what you thought of it if you did.
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    Hi everyone So as some of you know, I only had about 2.5 weeks to prep for this thing, so I focused mainly on the Question Trainers and reviewing my Saunders book. Thus far I have done okay (to my knowledge) on the Question Trainers, however as I'm now trying to do more of the Q Bank (since I only a few days left! eek!!) and I'm getting very worried because I only have a 66% overall in the Q Bank with about 21% (I think after tonight 300 total) questions completed. Is this not a good sign..I don't know what to do with my limited time and I feel like I'm running around like a panicked chicken. What have been your Q Bank scores...basically I swing between 64% at my lowest and 70% at my highest...I'm so frustrated to see that below 65% mark (twice now).

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