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I graduated in May 2012 with my BSN! I needed to get my two children on track with homeschool before I focused on NCLEX preparations. 6 months later and the time has come! I will formally begin... Read More

  1. by   Darya
    Hi, guys! What Kaplan review are you talking about? I have only 2012-2013 prep book by Kaplan but it is so short and brief. What can you say about OHMA prep book?
  2. by   BSN2biam
    Good luck to you! I also graduated in Puerto Rico at UAA. Try using the Saunders Review book. It has great content and tons of questions.
  3. by   BSN2biam
    So exciting!! Keep up informed!
  4. by   BSN2biam
    Read the Entire Intro of PDA, and Case Study #1. Havent made much progress today. (sigh) Good luck everyone. Keep putting those hours in, studying.
  5. by   mwc1230
    Quote from jpowell6024

    Have you watched day 4 & 5 yet? I haven't, was wondering what you thought of it if you did.
    Not yet. I am going over the 3 days right now. Will start day 4 tomorrow.
  6. by   AZMOMO2
    Kaplan review is an online, on demand, or in person content review and question bank.

    Pass the NCLEX Guaranteed or Your Money Back | Kaplan Nursing
  7. by   FloNightRN
    You all are scaring me. I take it in two days and just now starting to study. No Motivation. Hope it isn't too hard
  8. by   marinesgirl
    me too! im taking this feb for thr 4th time!!!!
  9. by   Mayjoyarceo
    To: 2Bnursexo,

    I'm reviewing for my nclex-pn too. I just gave birth few weeks ago and I'm determine to start a fresh year and pass this. I failed on my first attempt but I always believe in the saying that god will give you in the right time and let god's will be done and not our own will. I'm studying la charity for delegation and assignments. Saunders for q and a and Davis cd. Let us inspire each other in our own little ways so we can make this.
  10. by   My3angels78
    Hi,I too graduated LVN back in May 2010. But due to my elderly parents being I'll I had to relocate back to the islands. Just came back to the U.S a month ago and I'm so ready to study for the Nclex. What materials are u using to study?
  11. by   Mayjoyarceo

    I'm using la charity for delegation and assignments. Davis cd for q and a.
  12. by   keepmovingrn
    Quote from FloNightRN
    You all are scaring me. I take it in two days and just now starting to study. No Motivation. Hope it isn't too hard
    I don't think it requires all of the over studying that I see ppl doing. Theres know way to study and know everything that could possiably be on NCLEX. I would be sure you know your basic nursing stuff like: all the labs, nursing process, ABC's and infection control. From there no matter what question u get u will be able to answer them just from that basic knowledge.

    I studied 4 days 1-2hrs per day for Nclex and passed. Don't stress it.
  13. by   lisamarie0814
    Hey everyone! My name is Lisa & I graduated with my BSN on December 15, 2012 with highest honors. I took the Kaplan in-class review course Jan 2-5 and have been on track with my study schedule since then. I test 1 week from today, Saturday January 19, 2013 at 8 am and I'm definitely struggling with some anxiety right about now! These are my Kaplan Test scores:
    Diagnostic Test: 67%
    QT 1: 60%
    QT 2: 67%
    QT 3: 60%
    QT 4: 63%
    QT 5: 61%
    QT 6: 67%
    QT 7: 63%
    Readiness Test: 68%

    I'm doing Qbank questions Qday and my average so far is a 67% there. So my question is did anyone out there with similar scores to me pass the NCLEX on their first try? I have a job as an Emergency Department Nurse on the line as I start orientation January 28th - and I am praying that I pass in a week - I just want it to be OVER!!! I printed out the study guide floating around here & will study that along with my Kaplan review material. Any suggestions????

    Thanks! And good luck to everyone out there who is in this same boat - we will all be RN's soon!!!!!