1-1-13 starting to prepare for NCLEX ....Join me and lets encourage each other! 1-1-13 starting to prepare for NCLEX ....Join me and lets encourage each other! - pg.3 | allnurses

1-1-13 starting to prepare for NCLEX ....Join me and lets encourage each other! - page 3

I graduated in May 2012 with my BSN! I needed to get my two children on track with homeschool before I focused on NCLEX preparations. 6 months later and the time has come! I will formally begin... Read More

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    Testing on Jan 15th! Have started studying/working on Kaplan On Demand since Dec 26th, but still not where I want to be given I only have 2 weeks to go. So glad I have all nurses for emotional support during this stressful time. I feel bad for my family cause the NCLEX and the stress it is giving me is practically all I can ever talk about - I'll be the first to admit listening to me is like endless NCLEX worrying word vomit lol!
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    I'm in!! I started studying today for nclex-pn. I graduated 12/14. I'm still anxiously waiting for my att some ppl from my program got there's last week so I know mine should be coming soon! I need to take boards before feb 1st to apply to the transition program at my school- it only begins once a year in June!!! Good luck to everyone and happy studying! I'm doing ati and exam cram. A lot of my teachers reccomend Kaplan for those who were asking about it!
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    I'm in......need all the support I can get. Graduated a longgggg time ago. Only positive thoughts and preparation=SUCCESS.
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    I'm in, I graduated December 14 and I am still waiting on my ATT. Starting today I promised myself that I would study 2 hours a day and hopefully be able to schedule the test at the beginning of February.
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    Just wondering what are average NCLEX practice question scores? I usually range between 66-70% and just want to compare and see if that's about the norm
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    I am in too!!!! I graduate on January 17 2013. But I have already started to study and created a study guide based off my weakest areas and reinforcing my strong areas.
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    hello all
    i will be testing Jan 29 i'm using saunders comprehensive 5th edition.
    good luck everyone.
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    What are you using to obtain these scores?
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    Im also waiting for my ATT. Im trying to study for 4-6 hours per day to be ready by February. Good luck!!!
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    Same here!! WE CAN DO THIS!!!!
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    Let us know your thoughts on exam cram. Not familiar with ATI.
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    Keep us posted on your studying and how you like Hurst and ATI. Good luck and stay positive.
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    I dont think we will ever feel ready. However, give yourself some time to study. We graduated and feel like our brains are going to explode. Check out NCBSN website and take a look at the NCLEX blueprint. It may help you to analyze whether or not you need more time to review certain areas. Hope this helps a bit. Good luck!