1. Ok, ok... so I know this has been talked about a million times over... but i still just cant believe it. I got 75 questions and feel like i only knew 20 of them...

    Literally got home 30 minutes later and saw this:

    "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time."

    Is this completely accurate. Is it too soon to tell? could it be a mistake??? Is this the same exact message people who pass get?? I just have cried, and sweat blood for this test and this career and im going off of 1 hour of sleep here" Sorry to anyone who is sick of talking about the good pop ups... Im just so incredibly shocked that I passed it. I literally cried in the bathroom before taking the exam.
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  3. by   Stannie
    Congrats you passed! It's very accurate
  4. by   DragonflyLady17
    I feel yea.. felt that same way all day returning home... should be a good sign
  5. by   Southern Magnolia
    I felt the same way like I only KNEW for sure a handful of questions. But I knew I had to be doing well b/c I kept getting SATA. Cut off at 75 and good pop up. Should be able to get quick results at 9:30 tomorrow.
  6. by   Southern Magnolia
    And quick results confirm. I passed!