**My daily log for Nclex-Exam**2012

  1. since the last one was closed i decided to open a new one

    my current review materials are:

    Feuer Review for content

    Exam Cram for questions

    NCSBN for questions

    Kaplan review for questions

    Pearson for questions

    I have my nclex in one month, keeping track of what im doing daily and what others are doing is really helping me, anyone is welcome to participate ...


    Psychosocial NCSBN 75% 20 QUESTIONS
    Psychosocial Kaplan 72% 50 questions
    Exam Cram 19/30
    Infection Control NCSBN (2nd time) 80% 20 questions
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  3. by   sirI

    since the last one was closed i decided to open a new one
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