Nursing Apps for ANDROID

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    please respond with a list of nursing apps for android users.

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    Thanks for posting. I'm looking to get a Droid soon and was wondering what resources were out there I could put on my phone for work/school.
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    I also thank you for this post! Just recently got a HTC Desire and was wondering what kind of apps The Market had.
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    Hey! I have an android phone, and I LOVE medscape app. its FREE and has over 4000 drugs, an interaction checker, nursing articles and encylopedias! You can download it so you dont need to use data as well! Just have to sign up :-)
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    I have HTC Android: Epocrates and Webmd
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    oh and here in NYC iTriage was an app that made it on our local news special report
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    Qx Calculate is great if you're looking for risk scores, etc.
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    I used Nursing constellation @ Skyscape. But i use the free apps Medscape and Epocrates and
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    I too have an Android, apps that i have on my phone are Medscape...calculator...epocrates...micromedex...s kyscape...eponyms...visual anatomy...dosage calculator...nursing essentials. my extras are mini nurse and relief finder. this pretty much covers wverything and i have no problem using these while at work.

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