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    I just found out I was waitlisted at UMSL. Were any of you current UMSL students waitlisted? If so, what was your number? I'm curious what my odds are. : )


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    No help on the waitlist, sorry. Tess, you didn't by chance take Micro at Forest Park in the Fall, did you?
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    Yes, I sure did. On Saturday. Were you in my class?
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    Nope, I was on T,R evenings. Too many Tesses running around FoPo!
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    Are you talking about the Fall 2011 traditional program? I was told we wouldn't get any letters until the first week of March..... I haven't received anything. Not even a rejection letter. I wasn't too worried until I read that you were waitlisted a week ago! I'm confused!
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    I called and they told me over the phone. I looked online and it says admitted to the college of Nursing, but it's just for the pre-clinical program.
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    Oh ok. That makes more sense to me. Sorry for the small freak-out I'm just very anxious to get my letter, whatever it is. And I see the same thing on my umsl account.
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    I just called and found out I am waitlisted as well. I'm number 21. What is your number? The lady I spoke with told me that it's not uncommon to go through the first 30 people on the waitlist before the semester starts. Hopefully we have a chance!
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    I didn't know there was a wait list at UMSL I thought they only called the highest gpa 1st then fill all the seats. If you are not called you just keep reapplying to the program? And what classes do you take if you have taken all your prereq's?
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    Were any of you accepted off the wait-list? I've applied for Spring 2013, and I'm waiting to hear a reply about my application. Fingers and toes crossed that I get in!

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