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    Hi. I am new to this website - I just registered today.

    I am starting the nursing program at St. Charles Community College this Fall semester. I have read over the program information for both the lab and lecture and it looks pretty intense, especially the lab.

    I see that a lot of outside practice is required for the labs. If anyone is interested in being a partner with me for the sake of practicing their labs, please let me know.

    My class schedule is as follows:

    Monday and Wednesday Lecture: 8 to 9:50am
    Tuesday Lab: 2 to 4pm
    Thursday and Friday clinicals starting at 7am until noon

    I am not employed so I am pretty open.

    I would love to make new friends for school. Let me know if anyone is interested in getting in touch - especially if we have the same class/lab schedules.

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    I'm Trying To Get Into The Lpn Program At Stchas Because It Seems So Difficult To Get Into The Rn Program. I Am Going There Tomorrow To Complete The Process. I Will Contact You To Let You Know The Outcome. Congrats And Hope To Talk To You Soon.
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    I am interested in trying to find an online course to get my lpn license. Any suggestions?
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    You must've been at orientation yesterday. I was sitting in the front row :-)

    Unfortunately, I have none of your classes. Good luck finding someone. I live in the Troy area, am hoping to buddy up with some people.
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    Hi! I was at orientation, too! I'm starting to feel pretty intimidated about the whole process.

    I have lecture on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:00 to 11:50.
    My lab is on Tuesdays from 2:00 - 3:50
    And I also have clinicals on Thursday and Friday mornings.

    I think that lab is what is concerning me the most with passing all of the skills.

    Although I work with a gal that made it through her first semester and was at the end of the second semester and got a 77.8% in a class and she was kicked out of the program! YIKES!

    I'm pretty scared about juggling three children, and their schedules, a husband, and working nights on the weekends! I guess the positive way to look at it all is that the semester will go by faster if I am busy!
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    I'm very excited. I can't believe I'm here!!!! I've been looking forward to this forever!
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    I have lecture at 8am to 9:50 at SCCC. I guess I'm in your class. What is your name? I sit in the front row all the way over by the wall away from the door. My best friend sits next to me and she is also a member of this site. We live in St. Charles. My name is Sandi. I have clinicals in the mornings too. Where do you go?
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    Hey I am gymrat33's best friend!!! I always go to the lab after class on Monday and Wednesday. We sit in the front of class all the way against the wall. Please let us know if you want to come in and practice with me. My name is Leslie by the way.
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    I am trying to get in to the nursing program at SCCC for '08 (I have some pre-reqs I have to finish). How long is the wait list for the RN program?
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    I start SCCC in August of this year. There is no wait list. I applied last August, after I completed all of the general classes, took the dosage test in January, and received my acceptance letter about two weeks ago. They accept the first 80 people to pass the test and meet all of the program requirements. If you haven't already applied, then I don't believe you can get in this year. But I see your post was made last year, so perhaps you've already applied and someone else can use this info.

    I'd be interested to know if anyone else on here will be starting this August. I've very excited!!!

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