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Hi, I'm looking for some feedback/information from anyone who is attending or has attended the SLU MSN program (specifically the accelerated program for someone who has a BS in another area). I have... Read More

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    oh yes I love and miss DC too, plan to go back as soon as I finish this program.

    No i do not know anyone coming from that background but there are numerous backgrounds from fashion, engineering, nutrition, photography so I'm pretty sure respiratory is not a problem.

    Pretty much with decelerating you go from full time to part time, 2 year program turns into a 3 year program.
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    gotcha. do most students live near SLU or out in the burbs? do you recommend certain locations to live while going to school? thanks again chillychelc.
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    a few of the students live near campus and others live far out and hate it (30-45m). I live about 15m away and I think it's perfect, anything farther than 15m is too far for me lol. I recommend either staying somewhere close by whether downtown (where I planned to stay but don't have a job, lofts had good affordable rates), on grand (where the school is located), near galleria mall or kingshighway. If you are ok with driving then anywhere that allows you to get to school by street and not just highway esp highways 44, 270 or 64, a lot of the students generally complain about the traffic that live far out.
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    I just learned of this program, website says they are still taking applications for the fall! Does anyone know if the class is full?!For those that are in currently. I usually worked 9-5 on Monday and Wednesday's. Do you think will be possible if I get into the program?
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    Monday we had class from 8-3 in the fall and 9-3 on Wednesday's. Not sure if they'll change the schedule for the new students but I can send anyone this past school years master schedule that outlines every class for the semester just email me at