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Hello, My name is Les. I began my college career as a biology student… I decided about a year ago that I wanted to be nurse… I enrolled at SIUE as a prenursing student. At first it was really important to me that I get a BSN... Read More

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    wondering if anybody got a letter regarding what number they are, I did get one the end of August informing me that I am number 99 frome FP? Wondering why my friends didnt rec a letter.

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    I got a letter from FP and I'm 124. I'm hoping to get the other letters from the other schools soon.
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    Did you guys apply to St Charles Community College?
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    I got one too from Forest Park and I am #104.
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    I talked with the lady in admissions at FP she says that we will be getting another letter in mid to late October of this year.
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    I'm glad to hear that. It's another letter to inform us of our revised number right? I noticed I didn't move very far down the list this time.
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    I was thinking the same, that's why I gave her a call.
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    I got my letters from all 3,
    68@ FLO
    214@ Meramec

    lol looks like I'll be going to FLO!
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    I'm #24 at Flo Valley so it looks like I'll be there next fall unless I somehow make it into Meramec or FP this Spring.
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    Has anyone received another letter from Forest Park yet? Chessknight - did you call Flo Valley or did you get a letter?

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