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  1. lovetoday

    Hairstles for nurses???

    I currently have sholder lenght hair and Im in the process of growing it out more. By the time I graduate form school Im hoping it will be a little longer. Will I be required to put it in a pony tail or pin it up if its longer than shoulder lenght?????
  2. lovetoday

    Concode Career College Program?

    I live in the St. Louis Merto are, but im kinda familar with kc. I would storngly advise you to go with Penn Valley!!!! Its cheaper and the credits will transfer if you ever decide that you want to get a BSN. Concorde is a "for profit" school' which means it will be very expensive and you will never be able to transfer any credits!!!!!! The quatily of education will be better at Penn Valley too!!!!
  3. lovetoday

    Barnes Jewish and pre-reqs

    Im not certain about this, but im 90% sure, check the webiste. But in order to get into the upper divson nurisng program at Barnes Jewish you have to have college algebra and Statistics. Intermedaite Algebrea is not a college level class, so they dont care about that one.
  4. Hello, My name is Les. I began my college career as a biology student... I decided about a year ago that I wanted to be nurse... I enrolled at SIUE as a prenursing student. At first it was really important to me that I get a BSN , but now I'm thinking of getting an ADN because of I have two small children. I can't afford to be in school forever. I want to go to Forest Park.. I already know quite a bit about the Nursing program there.( I went to school there for a semester), but I wanted to know how long the wait list is .. I've heard conflicting information. I've that the wait can be anywhere from 3 years to 6 months. Can anyone in the program(at any campus) tell me how long they waited???

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