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I am currently finishing up my pre req's for the Penn Valley RN program. I plan to apply in August of 2009 for the January 2010 start. I have read some other threads saying it is hard and there is alot of stuff to put up with. I... Read More

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    Do you think taking the Lpn route is better I have all of my non-nursing courses completed even my general requirements, but I have to take the compass over it's been 2yrs. and I have decided to retake pys140 again.

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    If at all possible I would go straight to the RN program. I know some people need to get to work sooner, but you can get a tech job after your first semester of nursing school and they don't make much less than an LPN. The LPN program is full time year round (no summer break, etc). You can do the RN program in 2 years and you get the breaks between semesters and summer. I personally really needed these breaks to give me time to re-energize and keep going for the next semester. If you do LPN then you can bridge to RN, but that takes summer semseter for a bridge course and then 2 more semesters with the traditional RN students. So in my opinion, you really are better off just going for the RN if that is your goal anyway. Hope that helps.
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    I am a PVCC graduate. It is a great program, fast paced for sure, but do-able. When I went there, I had a small child. I worked full time as an LPN at the time too.

    I went on to get my BSN then Master's. GO FOR THE GUSTO!
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    Hello! I am currently a full time sophomore at PV ( getting ready for finals!) I read the prior posts and they are correct. It is difficult. You can't expect to sit back and not get involved. You need to study. You need to pay attention. I am a single mom and work part time but I am able to manage. I have never invested in a day planner before until starting this program. It can make you or break you.
    If you can learn to prioritize everything and give yourself time for studying then you will be ok. It seems overwhelming at first but once you get into the hang of what you will need to do each semester then the stress goes down some. And the feeling of knowing you were able to do it is awesome.
    Also some people in my class split up there sophomore semester. So if a semester seems too hectic you can split it. But it will put you a semester behind.
    Overall i love it and if you truly want this, then you will love it too.
    It will be worth it.
    And clinicals are different every semester. Sophomore year your clinicals are broken up into 5 week sections. 5 weeks Mental health, 5 weeks OB, and 5 weeks no clinicals. I was unlucky to get a weekend Mental Health rotation for five weeks but my OB rotation was on Mondays and Wednesdays. So it all varies per semester.
    well i hope all this helps and let me know if you have anymore questions.
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    hi marquan11,
    i have a quick question, can i get admition in penn valley at practical nursing program without compass tast? is there any way i can bypass compass test.

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    The LPN program there is considered credited courses and I know to take any classes for credit you do have to take the compass tests. I hadn't been to school in nearly 10 years and I still managed to get decent scores on it. the only thing I kinda struggled on was the algebra portion so I'm assuming I will need to try to polish up on my algebra before I take the TEAS. Really it wasn't that difficult
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    No you cannot bypass the COMPASS TEST, I'm in the process of enrolling myself, my COMPASS test is over 2 years old and I even taken all the necessary classes needed because I didn't do well on it straight out of high school. Even though I have passing grades in every base class that the COMPASS would indicate I take, I still have to retake the test. If I do poorly on the test, I don't have to retake any of the classes again either, it's silly but if you want it bad enough it doesn't matter. We start enrolling in August, anyone know how many points were needed last semester, if I pull an A out of A&P I will have 6 and if I don't, the worst would be a B which would put me at 5.67. Is it possible to get in with that, or should I wait until I take Micro for the other point?
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    Im trying to get in the evening weekend program myself, so let me know what you find out....
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    I just got into the day program for January 2011. I had 6.5 points overall. I would recommend taking Micro before applying.
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    Hi, I just wanted to see if anyone was having the same issue. I went to talk to just a regular pv counselor about applying to the rn nursing school. She told me i wouldn't get in because i need one more point....basically to get my cna. I have an A in psych, C in Chem, and im about to finish A&P with a B. I also get 1point for living in district. I think that's 10 pts, so im not sure what the problem is. Anyone?

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