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  1. dazeyc

    Kansas City area ADN programs

    I am a Missouri resident. When I applied last time I had all A's on my prerequisites except physiology which I got a B in. I have since then taken a combined anatomy and physiology course and got an A so as I understood it they would look at that since it is the most recent so I would have a 4.0 on my prereqs now. I am waiting for my transcript to be evaluated from UMKC to find out if I would receive the microbiology point from the class I took there as the micro I took at MCC is too old. I planned on applying for the day program as I realize that the evening weekend program would be insanely difficult to get into
  2. I was seeking a career in nursing a few years ago and was discouraged when I didn't get into Penn Valley's evening weekend program even with a 3.82 gpa. I am back now again working on trying to find a nursing program to get into. I know Penn Valley has changed their admission requirements a bit and now require you to take the TEAS before applying. I took it yesterday and scored 86% on it. I am planning on applying for the program that starts in January 2019 but I am also looking into other programs in the area as well. Does anyone have any info about the quality of KCKCC's program? I know they were having several issues years ago but I am not seeing anything current about them here. JCCC is not an option for me as I do not have a CNA but I do have an MA certification. Just have been unable to find a job as an MA because I couldn't afford the extra money for the externship
  3. dazeyc

    I guess it's time to find a plan b...

    Can you retake any of the old classes to improve the grades? Also, I know some schools will let you appeal to exclude entire semesters of grades from your GPA, but it has to be all grades for that semester and there must be a valid excuse. I had a similar issue from when I went to school 10 years ago. I just wasn't in to it. It took some time but I have managed to turn a 10 year old 2.78 GPA into a 3.5 cumulative GPA
  4. dazeyc

    Spring 2012 Penn Valley

    I still haven't heard a thing. Kinda disheartening when enrollment for Spring semester starts in 2 weeks. I need to know what classes to sign up for. If I'm not accepted, I'm just taking the additional classes I need for a BSN and will apply elsewhere
  5. dazeyc

    Spring 2012 Penn Valley

    I also applied to the evening/weekend program. I have already figured out how many points I will have (5.82) but not sure it will be good enough if they have had that many applicants. It kinda hurt my points that I don't have any paid direct patient care experience. I was in Micro last semester with someone who was accepted and only had like 4.7 points.
  6. dazeyc

    Spring 2012 Penn Valley

    I received that postcard as well. I received another one this week that says due to the unexpected large number of applicants, review time is taking longer than anticipated... Hopefully we hear something soon.
  7. dazeyc

    Spring 2012 Penn Valley

    Did anyone apply to Penn Valley's Spring 2012 ADN program? They said you should get a letter back a month after the application deadline explaining points and if you were selected to take the TEAS. Has anyone received their letter yet?
  8. dazeyc

    Any one apply to the Penn Valley ADN fall 2011 program?

    Kaap, go to their website. It is mcckc.edu. All of the info is right there
  9. dazeyc

    Penn Valleys RN evening weekend program in 2012???

    I'm planning on applying for it. After this semester I will have all the pre-reqs and micro done. If I keep going the way I've been going I should have 6 points but I'm still not sure I will have enough so I'm still looking for a CNA program to complete in order to have all possible points. I have heard that to even have a shot at getting in that you need to have at least 6 points.
  10. So, I am feeling kinda defeated right now. I was trying to do everything I could to get into the Penn Valley RN program next Fall but to get enough points to have a fighting chance, I need to get my CNA. I cant find any CNA programs that would have me done in time that fit my schedule so my earliest chance of being able to start the RN program is Spring 2012. I was thinking that by that time I could have my AA done at MCC and go to Graceland or UMKC for my BSN and be done by the same time I would be done with my ADN at Penn Valley. I just don't know anything about the programs at Graceland or UMKC. Does anyone know if either of the schools admit Nursing students in the spring semester? Are the programs difficult to get into? Also, Which school is least costly? Any answers would be greatly appreciated!
  11. dazeyc

    Sanford Brown College of St. Peters, MO LPN to ADN RN

    I don't know much about Sanford Brown's nursing programs in St Louis, but I can give my experience with the school in general here in Kansas City. Sanford Brown here is now known as Colorado Technical University due to the horrid reputation they gained over time here. I went there nearly 10 years ago. I walked in to inquire about their LPN program and as soon as they found out about my past experience as a PC tech in high school they latched on to that and talked me out of nursing. I ended up in the Network technology associates degree. They promised me I would have my MCSE when I graduated and they would help me find a job and that I would be making so much more money than a nurse(I know I shouldn't have fell for it but I had just graduated high school and was the first in my family to go to college). The only thing they taught us was how to pass an MCSE exam. A couple of my classes were literally spent just doing the exam cram practice tests the entire quarter. I looked in to transferring my classes for a bachelors but they would only transfer to NAU and Ottawa U(both even more expensive than SB). My last straw with this possible career was when I went for my 18th interview in my job seach and overheard myself being referred to as a paper MCSE. I knew then I probably wouldn't be able to get a job with my degree. Some of the friends I made at school who did go through the LPN program had the same problem and couldn't find jobs. I have still tried applying for those jobs over the years but have never been able to get one. Here I am now 8 years later still with $25,000 in student loan debt (that was on top of the full pell grants I received) and trying to find the cheapest way to go to school to be a nurse. I am currently enrolled in the community college working on my pre-reqs (what I should have done in the first place). I wouldn't waste my money on a school like that again.
  12. dazeyc

    Penn Valley RN Program...What is like?

    The LPN program there is considered credited courses and I know to take any classes for credit you do have to take the compass tests. I hadn't been to school in nearly 10 years and I still managed to get decent scores on it. the only thing I kinda struggled on was the algebra portion so I'm assuming I will need to try to polish up on my algebra before I take the TEAS. Really it wasn't that difficult