Penn Valley or National American Univ???

  1. I am trying to pick between these two programs and I want to choose the one that will best prepare me to pass the NCLEX. Would appreciate any input anyone has about these 2 programs. Penn Valley does a Associates in Applied Science vs. National American Univ does a Associates in Science Nursing??? Not sure if I have those right. I am interested in going on at some point to do my BSN too.

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  3. by   Medic2RN
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  4. by   Luckyyou
    Are they both accredited?
  5. by   Little_Bear2013
    With Penn Valley's program you'll only pay about $12K-$15K tops if your indistrict & have completed a lot of your other PRE-Req's before starting the program, which I have done & I'm starting in their program this Spring.

    I did look at NAU's program a few years back & if I recall for the Associates program they want at least around $40K-$50K & for the BSN program it was at least around $60K-$80K if I recall, & for the BSN program before any credits would transfer over. Also, first priority is only given to current NAU students especially for the ADN program according to the admissions rep that helped me out but the BSN program they'll still give you priority if your a transfer student but I guess that's why your paying 3x the cost. They also told me they take students in at a quicker rate as well.

    We have some NAU students at our hospital & there instructors all seem really nice & funny when I have to work with the students but I've seen some of their students act a little too stuck-up & cocky but not all.

    Anyways, best of luck to you !

    EDIT: Last time I checked both programs were credited regionally & nationally. The last program I looked at which was Concorde wasn't regionally credited if I recall, which means if you want to go on & get your BSN, it's very unlikely those credits will transfer. They even told me their credits would transfer to NAU; however, the admissions rep at NAU told me they wouldn't because of their non-accreditation. So, always do research before you start a program & fork out money like that.
  6. by   Little_Bear2013
    Both programs have told me they have high NCLEX pass-rates as well, which most nurses I work along with have graduated from either program & some others from Northwest or William Jewel. But just so you know, reasons why a lot of those NCLEX pass-rates are so high in most to all schools is because students they see that may end up failing or not passing the program, they kick out because they want to have higher NCLEX pass rates at the end of every year.

    Hopefully, that won't be any of our cases though .
  7. by   Lilacs For Mom
    Thanks Little Bear. I did decide to do Penn Valley. It will be Aug 2015 before I can apply. I've got to redo all my science since it has been more than 10 years since I took those last.

    Hope you do well In the program.
  8. by   lurendapants
    I went to NAU for one year doing pre-reqs for the BSN program, I had everything done was going to apply and then realized it was going to cost me almost 50 grand and said no thanks! If you have nothing its 68 grand which is ridiculous! they charge almost $400 a credit hour and penn valley is 92 a credit hour. One year at NAU cost me $15,000 so needless to say lesson learned and employers do value Penn Valley higher bc its been around longer and those for profit schools are looked as a very highly regarded