Penn Valley nursing program 2013

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    I am just curious about the class schedule and clinicals, because of my job. I work during the week, but prn. I have taken everything that is not nursing related, but part of the program. I have taken Speech, microbiology, human lifespan, and the constitution requirement class. So I guess my question is... Will this make my schedule a little more flexible? Also, I applied in January for the Fall 2013 RN program and am still waiting to hear back. Anyone else still waiting?

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    I applied for the program myself back in January and still waiting on my points letter to come in the mail. So, at least its good to know we're not the only ones! I'm sure their probably just falling a little behind because I hear lots of students apply each semester for this program. But I currently have some family members and friends in the program and they really like it but don't get them wrong its a pretty tough program from the sounds of it but that's expected for any program you apply for now a days.

    I've finished all the pre-reqs including micro myself and I should be walking in with a pre-req GPA of 3.75 which according to my friends they only go off your pre-req courses so the: A&P, Chem & Psychology I think? But anyways best of luck to you and hope to see you around there!
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    I called earlier this week and they told me it would be another 3 weeks before we would hear anything! I am in micro currently so I didn't get that extra point My pre-req gpa is 3.75 as well. Just worried that I won't get in bc I didn't have micro completed prior to the application period.Good luck to you too!!
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    I'm applying for Spring 2014 Penn Valley ADN. Did you get accepted without the extra micro point?? I've taken micro but i'm going in with a 3.3 GPA so I'm a little skeptical about it. Please let me know!! Thanks!
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    Yes I did!!!!
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    Okay so I'm sitting at 4 points now out of 5 max. I hope I get accepted!!!
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    And congratulations jdutt!!!! That's awesome!!!!!
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    What are the points based on. I know 3 of them but not the other 3. If anyone knows that would be great.
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    Are they still doing a point system?
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    @joiTydings, yes they are still doing the point system it is based off of prerequisite gpa and micro

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