Nursing shortage in St. Louis?

  1. How hard is it for a GN to get a job in St. Louis? I keep hearing that it's getting increasingly difficult for new grads to find jobs because of the economy. How can I improve my odds of getting a job? I have a previous degree and work experience, no healthcare experience, and I will graduate with a BSN. Any thoughts/advice? THANKS!
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  3. by   adammRN
    I am a new RN waiting to see if the air force is going to take me under it's wing. If you wanted to, the military would undoubtedly have a position for you.

    From my experience, unemployment as a new BSN grad even without a license, is due to anything but the job market. You just have to apply at a lot of hospitals especially if you want a job that you are really interested in! A lot of my friends from nursing school did get jobs before and soon after graduation (may 2009).

    Off the top of my head, you could apply to:
    Barnes Jewish Hospital
    St. Louis Children's Hospital
    St. Louis University Hospital
    SSM hospitals (DePaul)
    Christian Hospital
    Missouri Baptist
    St. Lukes
    St. Joes
    The VA hospital

    Most if not all of these have online application processes making that much easier! It may take a while for them to get to your application, but you can always call and speak to someone during the week.

    If you decide to pursue the military you must have your license prior to commissioning.
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  4. by   MidnightTang
    I work at Barnes and I can tell you that there are job openings available, but the vacancy rates are near zero. From what I hear from nursing student preceptees, it is getting much harder to find a job. Your lack of experience shouldn't hinder you, though.
  5. by   nursie_pants
    My only advice - and I've been there with applying to umpteen jobs before finally landing something good - is to really plan your practicum accordingly, especially if you're going into this without any previous healthcare experience outside clinical hours.

    I just completed an accelerated BSN program in August and didn't have the time to get any healthcare work experience before graduating (and my previous career wasn't *remotely* healthcare-related).

    From what I've seen with my classmates, those who did ED, ICU, or general med-surg practicums have had the "easiest" time getting good job offers post-NCLEX and graduation. Those who did L&D or float pool, for example, seem to have had more challenging experiences.
  6. by   RNmom7
    Just another opinion, but I'm a recent grad from GSON and I've applied to approximately 125 positions since September. I have had 4 interviews, 2 declined and 2 I have to re-interview for b/c the manager who interviewed me quit less than a week after my interview. I was also told that from HR that they get app. 400 hits for every posted job. I wish all of you luck, but I'm afraid I may have to relocate.
  7. by   jammin246RN
    Check out Jefferson Regional Medical Center they are hiring new grads! And it's a good place to work!