Barnes-Jewish starting RN salary

  1. Hi everyone:

    I've got an upcoming interview at Barnes-Jewish and was hoping to have a ballpark estimate of the hourly RN salary for a new grad - any idea? Any shift differential pay or difference with BSN?

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  3. by   adammRN
    Last I heard, starting out is 20-22 dollars per hour for GNs/New RNs. There are differentials for nights/weekends and I think you get like .50 cents more per hour with a BSN.
  4. by   nursie_pants
    Thanks, Adamm! I just received a verbal job offer and got the rates. Starting new grad RN rate is $20 with a $.60 increase w/BSN. The night and weekend differentials are pretty good.
  5. by   MidnightTang
    Yep, it's around $20 an hour.
  6. by   kmj1228
    Congratulations on your new job! I will be graduating in May and am starting to worry about finding a job when I'm done! What floor are you going to be working on? Did you have any problem getting interviews? Did you have any previous tech experience or anything like that? Any hints or words of wisdom you could give would be appreciated!

  7. by   cooper86
    Hi there. I'm just curious as to what the shift differentials are exactly for BJH??? I'm going to be graduating in April, and I have no clue what to expect with this whole nursing salary thing!
  8. by   emc0
    what area did you start in?
  9. by   MIAC78
    Does anybody know what the pay is for a PACU RN at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. LOUIS MO? I have 15yrs experience in PACU.
  10. by   3kids
    I would estimate at least $27.00 or higher w/o differential.
  11. by   mneickm
    hey everyone, I am a new grad nurse starting at BJH and was wondering if anyone knew the shift differentials for evening/nights/weekends? No one has really given me any information regarding the amount of the shift differentials and I can't find it anywhere on the website or mytime. =( thanks!
  12. by   MadpeysRN
    Night-$2.90 11p-7a
    Weekend $2.40
    Evening $2.40 3p-11p (I think 3, maybe)
    Pay here sucks.
    Only way to make decent money is to work extra bonus shifts. Double bonus $20/hr single bonus $10/hr
  13. by   dancegurl
    $22.50/hr for new grads as of 2/2016
  14. by   Camwill
    Wow pay is better for new grads since I moved I believe it was around $18 in the Springfield area...moved to California and that is what the lvns make.