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Barnes Jewish College of Nursing BSN program

  1. 0 Hello everyone! I have been accepted into the Summer 2012 Barnes upper division BSN program. The description of this program describes the program as being a full time program. I am wondering if anyone else has attended this nursing program and would be able to give me some insight on when classes are held. Ie: are they held from 9-5, five days a week or do you have some leniency on when you attend classes. I am asking because I currently work at a restaurant and am required to give notice of changing my schedule three months in advance and would like to get an idea of when I would be able to work. Thanks so much everyone!
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    hello llezph!

    i'm not a student but also inquired about this as well not too long ago. the reply i received was from twins1_92.

    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]also, i found out through a friend that the days vary by semester. right now she is in her 4th semester and goes m,t,w,th. i do not know the hours she goes though. she said that last semester she went monday through friday. that is all i have found out so far!"

    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]so i guess it varies on the classes outlined in the beginning. hope this helps a bit.

    i had a question for you as well. i applied in early november for the spring upper div bsn program. i know its full but im hoping to receive a letter of acceptance/declination soon. may i ask when you applied and how long it took for you to receive a letter of acceptance? thank you for your time!
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    Thanks so much for the reply! I applied in April of 2011 for the Summer semester of 2012. I believe it took about a month for me to here a response back, but I did have to contact them in order to find out, as opposed to them contacting me. After I spoke to them and found out I had been accepted I did not get the letter actually stating that I was accepted until about three weeks later. Good luck with your future nursing career!
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    Thank you very much! This helps I'll contact them soon as well! Good luck to you as well!
    In the future I'd love to hear about your experience at barnes jewish college!
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    Quote from llezpf
    Hello everyone! I have been accepted into the Summer 2012 Barnes upper division BSN program. The description of this program describes the program as being a full time program. I am wondering if anyone else has attended this nursing program and would be able to give me some insight on when classes are held. Ie: are they held from 9-5, five days a week or do you have some leniency on when you attend classes. I am asking because I currently work at a restaurant and am required to give notice of changing my schedule three months in advance and would like to get an idea of when I would be able to work. Thanks so much everyone!
    I am actually a current student at GSON, UD-BSN going into my 5th term. I will be in the 5th term when you start. Yes, as the previous thread stated, the days do vary by term. For your first term you will have Dr. Pennington for Pathophysiology, Pharmacology-unsure of current instructor, Success Seminar, Informatics, and Foundations of Nursing...please understand that the first semester is very grueling and it is called the "weeding out" semester. You can succeed though, just be prepared to have a totally different experience than you have ever had before as far as the amount of content that is given per exam and how to APPLY the information. Total recall is not the GSON way. If you have never looked into exam questions for nursing, I suggest you get the Saunders comprehensive review book and the question and answers book that they offer. The questions are all critical thinking at GSON and therefore you have to apply the knowledge to be able to answer the questions. It has taken myself and my girlfriends a great amount of time, tears, and (medication) LOL, to be able to correctly answer these type of questions. It can be done with practice though.
    BIG SUGGESTION HERE: Invest in a good recorder that has a retractible USB. You will want to tape all of your classes in order to go back and review lectures. For Dr. Pennington it is a MUST. He has taught this class for years (you will LOVE him) and the content is massive. We all taped his lectures and transcribed them later so as not to miss anything that he said...THIS IS CRUTIAL!! Sometimes he will say something, just under his breath...and low and behold, it is on the exam. Also, be prepared to answer questions in multiple-multiple format. He is big on this. All of the classes have multiple choice style questions in NCLEX format, and at the end of each course, you will take a HESI for the class that is weighted heavier than your exams for the final. My advice is to utilize EVOLVE, which is the online sight you will have access to after you begin, and they offer a lot of study tools and also they have PageBurst where you can enter your books online anywhere. There is NO ROUNDING and let me repeat..NO ROUNDING at GSON. If you have a 77.99999999 you do not pass the class!!! You must have a 78% test average before any other assignments are added into your grade in order to pass the class. We have lost students because of test average 77.99999 and you have to retake the course, stay behind an entire semester and if you fail two have to leave the school and reapply after two semesters with no guarantee of getting back in. I know-right? Very strict here. That includes dropping classes as well. One drop + one fail = out.
    I do not want to scare you- I just want you to be prepared for the time consuming rigorous program that you are getting into. Many ppl have maintained a job while going here and it is doable, however, I worked FT through my entire prerequisites taking 18 credit hrs a term, and had to quit my job when I got to GSON.
    In regard to the grading scale...
    A GPA of 3.5 at GSON is like having a GPA of 4.0 anywhere else!!!
    a 91 is the lowest A and they factor in A,A-,B,B+ etc. If you get an A you get 4.0, if you get A- you get 3.5..and so on. For example, I had a 96% in AH II this term (A), I took the HESI and ended with a 91% (A-)...that cost me .25 in GPA. I was really upset. You will find that the HESI is an issue for all and I will not go into that here, you can ask me later though. It is a sore subject. LOL Here is my email address in case I forget. free to ask any questions that you may have.
    With all of these things said (simply to prepare you-not discourage you), I can say that the program is good, and you WILL learn, you just have to be ready.
    Here is my ENTIRE schedule since first term. This may give you an idea of what you will be doing. Note: The clinicals, and simulation lab are on different days depending on how your instructor groups you with other classmates and where you are doing your clinicals at.
    Term 1:
    Monday- Pharmacology 8am-12:30
    Tuesday- Pathophysiology- 8am-12:30
    Thursday- Foundations- 8am-11:30
    Success Seminar-12noon-1pm
    Informatics- 1pm-4:30
    **The success seminar and informatics classes are offered as 1/2 term courses and some ppl will take informatics first and success second, or visa versa.

    Term 2:
    Monday- Intro to Adult Health I- 8:30-10:45
    Tuesday- Health Assessment (Sim Lab) 10am-12noon
    Wednesday- Intro to Adult Health I- 8am-4pm-clinical (it seems that mine was 7-2, but maybe not-this is not until the last 4 wks of the semester)
    Thursday- Intro to Adult Health-8:30-10:45
    Health Assessment-12:30-2:30, Nursing Research-3p-6:30
    **During this term, you will go to the ER at a scheduled time (Barnes Hospital) and complete 4 hrs during which you do IV's, Foley catheters, etc. You will be with a group of peers (2-3) and you will do it together. GREAT EXP. Your instructor will give you your scheduled day and time

    Term 3:
    Monday- OB clinical (again your day may be different) 7am-2pm (the time will be the same)
    Tuesday- Psychology-8am-11:30/OB 12:30-4pm
    Wednesday- Adult Health I- 9am-11:15/Adult Health (Sim lab) 12:30-4:30 (this is also scheduled and is a couple of times during the semester-you do this with a group as well) BTW..the sim labs are on campus on the 2nd and 3rd floor-no need to leave the building
    Thursday- Adult Health I-9am-11:15
    Friday- Adult Health I- clinical (day may change for you) 7am-2pm
    **your clinical days could be any day of the week that you are not in class, it will be determined by which clinical group your instructor puts you with.

    **Just want to mention here...when you go to your orientation-which I think you already have---make sure to set up your access to Black Board in advance--the paperwork, syllabus and all other contents where on there for my classes at LEAST a week before classes started (no joke) and there was a lot!! Be prepared-that is key

    Term 4:
    Monday- I was off on Monday for the ENTIRE Semester; some of the students had clinical this day, but I was lucky to have gotten my clinicals on W and F. The Friday clinical was Pediatrics which didn't begin until the second 1/2 of the semester, so I was off on M and F every week the first 7 weeks!! It was great--but short lived.
    So when 2nd 1/2 of term came I had Monday clinical at Children's Hospital from 7am-2pm
    **Also, be prepared that for every clinical you have, you will go to the hospital the evening before and gather your patient information and prepare a "write-up" for that patient to be turned in when your instructor wants it (some wanted it the next day, others gave you a day or two to complete) You have to do a write-up, and care plans for every patient you see. This is done in term 2-4...I just didn't mention before. In Psychology, OB, and Pediatrics, you also have to do a reflection journal for each clinical day, describing what you thought of the day we have established MY Monday
    Tuesday- Pediatrics 8am-11:30/Adult Health II- 12:30-2:45
    Wednesday-Adult Health II (clinical) 7am-2pm - maybe not for you!
    Thursday- Leadership 8:00-11:30/ Adult Health II 12:30-2:45
    Friday- Pediatrics (clinical) 7am-2p (??)
    **You will also have simulation for these classes. I met 2 times for AH simulations, and 2 times for Pediatric simulations during the semester at scheduled times of 3p-5:30 after classes on Tues or Thurs.
    **The lecture days are the SAME for EVERYONE...only clinical days change. So until you know if you have clinical M-W-F, you will not be able to schedule your work. You will know soon into the semester when it will be though (this goes for all semesters) Your instructor may even have it on BB before the semester begins!! That is why I say to check the site daily, as info will be pouring in until the day you start. AND when you think that you have all the content from the classes...they will add more!! The only one that you will have minimal information with is Pennington-Path...he puts it ALL on there at one time and there is NEVER anything else that he offers. I love him-you will see why
    Term 5:
    SUPPOSEDLY-not there yet
    Monday- all day 2 classes- Senior Synthesis and Community Health
    Tuesday- my chosen elective (elective classes are in the evening 4-9:50) you can chose to take your elective course in 4th or 5th term
    ***this term is very different
    I find out the first week of class where I will do Senior Synthesis (hospital/hrs/everything)
    Very Important***GPA will determine what area you are placed in for this class-Med/surg, OB, Pediatrics, etc. You will get to rank hospital area and Hospital choice on paper at the end of term 4 and based on your GPA, you will be placed with a nurse at the hospital that you MUST complete 96hrs (8-12hr shifts) during the first 7 weeks of the term. you will work the hours of that nurse, days/evenings/nights, whatever it is and with no negotiation!! this is rather irritating to me and I will not go into that either-just know you will have to do it. you will also complete 4 hrs with a group of your peers and WASHU med students in a simulation??? don't know what yet. For Community, there must be 40hrs completed working in the community as a nurse, and we are not sure if this is during the entire semester, 1st or 2nd 1/2 yet. And that is pretty much it in a nutshell. If you have a question that I may not have answered here, feel free to email me at I may see you on campus on Mondays this term, and I can tell you who I am later....
    I will see you May 14th!!! Good Luck
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    I posted about this school yesterday. I am interested in going here, but I wanted to find out the waiting list time? I am currently on the wait list for STLCC and it is 2 years.