Applying for UMSL's 2010 accelerated BSN program

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    hey guys! i was just wondering who all on this website is planning on transferring from stlcc and/or applying to the accelerated bsn program @ umsl. does anyone know if we need letters of reccomendation? i read on some other posts about them and some sort of paper but the nursing receptionist said that i didn't need either. i've been talking to a advisor @ the college of nursing but there hard to catch up with without a appointment. i figure we can exchange info and ask questions to each other. :typing

    thanks in advance!

    oh, and if you all don't mind me asking, how in the heck are you guys planning to pay for that 30k bill???.... i got about so far!!!!

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    I am company offers some assistance...I will figure the rest out once I'm accepted I guess, LOL

    Find out about any scholarships or programs yet?
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    You don't need letters of recommendation either.
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    Do you work in health care already? I thought about it but ill make more money as a waitress and have more control over my schedule so im taking that over the assistance, at this point anyway. As for the scholarships @ UMSL you would have had to apply by april 1st. I knew that that was the deadline for the regular school but I incorrectly assumed that there was special deadlines for the accelerated program b/c we start so late in the "academic year." So im gonna apply to try and get some money for the last 3 semesters, which is the next "academic year."

    How many credits will you have by the start of the program? when are you doing the Jr. Level college writing? I have to take it @ UMSL along with my classes @ flo next spring...
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    Hey... I am applying! I hope to get scholarships but other than that I will take out loans (my mom said she will help a little like with books and stuff). I am going to Meramec now. I am taking A&P I this summer and then in the fall I am taking A&P II, Micro, and College Algebra. Then next spring I just need Nutrition and Stats, as well as the Jr. Level English that you have to take at UMSL. What other classes do you need?

    I also don't work in the health care field so I am a little worried about not having any experience whatsoever, when I know a lot of people will have some.

    I just read your other post again and did we already have to apply for scholarships already? Or is the deadline this upcoming April?
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    Hello everyone! Nice to see so many of you interested in UMSL's accelerated program! I'm currently enrolled in my last semester of the accelerated program at UMSL..I love it! It's a lot of work, but worth every bit of it! I went to Meramec for my prerequisite courses..saved me tons in the long run. I never applied for any scholarships in advance--although UMSL automatically gave me what they call the "Chancellor's Transfer Scholarship"..which gave me a few thousand dollars worth of money for having a GPA on all my credits higher than a I'm sure you all qualify for that. Hopefully they still have that going on! It was wonderful to be given a scholarship without applying! Other than that, I have some loans, and have tuition reimbursement through my job @ the hospital I currently work at as a tech. Also, it is not necessary to have experience before the program starts--I didn' fact, I didn't start working in a hospital until midway through my second semester of nursing school. Don't get me wrong, having a job has given me great insight and experience, but those who don't have jobs in the medical field are doing just fine...they teach everyone as though we're a "clean slate" and don't know anything regarding the it will work out just fine! Good luck to all who are applying and finishing up all the prerequisites! Time flies by! Before you know it, you'll be nurses!!
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    Hey friendlyghost, how it been i havent talked to you in awhile! Im doing fine im now in a 3 week A & P II course, actually not too bad. are you staying at the hospital that your at now? Its down to the wire for you! good luck in what ever you do!
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    I'm hoping to stay where I'm at!! Turning in the application for the RN fellowship in my department within the next week...eek! lol..I'm also interested in the place where I'm doing my senior synthesis hours right I may apply there, too. That's great you're getting all your credits done!!
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    WhiteShadows, I still have a lot of classes left to take, now im in a 3 week intersession A & P II class and after that im starting the regular summer with a P.E., communications b/w cultures and nutrition. In the fall i have micro, oral comm, a cornerstone, sats and another PE. (Im also getting a Associates in Arts and staying full time, bc my scholarship told me too!) In the spring im taking a capstone, human sexuality, the Jr. level college writing @ UMSL, biomedical ethics and Human Growth & development , while working pt time, what fun!
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    Wow are one busy girl! Good luck with all your classes...hopefully I will see you next summer!

    I was wondering, FriendlyGhost, what the people in your class are like...what are the ages and do most already have a bachelors? Have you made good friends? Just wondering what kind of environment it is...Thanks!
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