Anyone currently enrolled in UMSL's BSN part-time evening program

  1. I will be applying to UMSL's BSN part-time evening program and am interested in feedback with anyone who is currently enrolled in the program and how it is going? Also, are you working full time while going through the program?


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  3. by   TessInStLouis
    Hi! I'm currently an UMSL student in their part-time program. I just finished my first semester, and I really like it! Your first two classes are Pharmacology and Pathophysiology--and are tough. I heard a rumor that they may be changing the course schedules where those two classes are not taken together because they are both pretty difficult. I managed to get A's in both of them, but it wasn't easy.

    I do work full time, and it is doable. The key is communicating with your professor. I had the same instructor for both courses, and she got the fact most of the class had families/work/etc., and was fine with taking tests early/late if necessary. We just had to let her know.

    The advisors seem a bit disorganized to me, which worried me. But once I started the program, I don't have to deal with them much, and the instructors are really on top of things.

    All-in-all it's a good program--I recommend it.
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  5. by   MadameFreckles
    I am also interested to hear more about the program. I am finishing up my science prereqs this summer and will be applying to start in Spring of '13. How competitive is admissions to the program. I am so nervous I won't get in! Also, what days are your classes?
  6. by   panpan
    i dont think UMSL's program is very competitive...
  7. by   futurenurseya33
    Is there a reason you don't think the program is competitive panpan?
  8. by   wink4clover
    @TessInStLouis - thanks for replying and sharing with me your insights about the part-time program. This information was valuable to me. Good luck with remainder of your nursing classes. Wink4clover ;()