What color uniforms for Holmes?

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    I was just wondering if Holmes requires white uniforms or some other color?

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    Thanks for your response. That makes sense. I should have known since that is the school color.
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    Uniforms changed last semester to cardinal red pants and white tops.
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    They are red and white, but which is which? LPN: white top, red pants; RN: Red top, white pants - or the other way 'round? (bookstore lady was not sure....but I'm sure I'll find out tomorrow, and will post)
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    I don't know about LPN but RN is white top and red pants
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    Are the colors for uniform still the same for this year (white pant and red top) or is it vise versa?? for LPN I mean??
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    We had white tops and red pants. It was the same for Goodman and Ridgeland. I heard they might be changing to red on red this year though. When do you have orientation?
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    oh ok! thanks. I have orientation Monday! so excited!!!!!
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    Good luck on Monday. It seems like just yesterdayI was sitting at orientation and now I am going to graduate Thursday. It will go by fast. Pretty soon you will be a new nurse.

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