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Hello all its been a minute for me d/t hectic scheduling but I love Allnurses.com its a wealth of knowledge to be learned here...however our MS threads are slightly outdated....lets keep the fire burning..if you reside in MS... Read More

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    Hey all, I'm 28 LPN for 8-9 years in north MS. I am in my last semester of nursing school at NWCC- RN. I am hoping to get into a L&D unit somewhere. My ultimate goal is to be a nurse anesthetist or get a doctorate in it. It's a long road ahead but my heart is it even though my brain my not be. I work through a few agencies while I go to school. I have 2 small children and a practically common law husband of 13 years. Love being a MIssissippi girl.... all my life.

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    I am a transplant from Texas, but working in Jackson as a program manager, looking for a part time though..
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    Hi All!

    Graduated Meridian Community College's ADN program May 2008. I've been working adolescent mental health ever since (private facility then changed to state facility).
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    Hello everyone.. I will be an LPN student come Jan 2010. I'm 29 and live in Brandon, MS... Looking forward to a new career as an LPN and hopefully move on to an RN.
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    Hello, everyone. Live in Pearl, worked at umc 2 years as cardiac nurse, but now in home health. So far so good. Lot of getting use to, but I don't think I'll go back to floor nursing for awhile.
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    Quote from 1BlessedRN
    CONGRATS to you I reside in Meridian...

    I also reside in Meridian. I'm starting my first semester at MCC Jan. 12! Any advice?
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    My name is Liz and im a transplant from San Diego, CA. I've been in the south (Lowndes County) since 1996. I worked as a CNA, scrub tech, and LVN in L/D through nursing school, graduated in 1994. Stayed in L/D until 06, and the only reason I left it was d/t my children needing mommy home in the daytime. L/D was always my passion and I still miss it, yet when I had my babies they took priority over my job. I've dabbed in nursing homes throughout the years PRN mainly for xtra money for vacations back home and such. Since 06 I have been an Industrial Nurse in Clay County. I am looking to study and take the COHN-S this year. Nice to meet you guys through these posts!
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    Toomsuba, MS but lived in Meridian most of my life
    20 years as a nurse in a variety of areas
    major areas: med/surg and hospice
    Currently looking for full-time position in long-term care
    University of Phoenix student in masters program
    I love nursing!
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    Well hello there. I just realized that I haven't looked for Mississippi nurses since I moved down here - shame on me. I am a fairly new nurse - having graduated in May of 2009. I actually work in Arkansas, but I reside in Robinsonville Mississippi - home of the casinos. I moved to the area back in January to take my job in L & D in Arkansas. I love L & D and yes I work full time but I am also looking for some PRN work in Mississippi or Memphis area. I hope to meet other RN's here in the Mississippi area. Talk to you later.
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    Hi everyone.. I graduated the ADN program at Colin in 2009. I currently work in the ER and I am also starting my RN-MSN at USM.

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