Mississippi LPN's???

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    hi everyone...i'm new to this site but am loving it so far. i will be entering lpn school in jan. 09. i live in jackson, ms and was wondering if anyone out there is from the central ms area and can give me some ideas on some concerns i have. let me say this too, my plan is to bridge from lpn to rn. these are my concerns:

    1. i've recd info from a local hospital, ms state hospital, they will pay you monthly while you go to school and in return you sign a 2 year contract to work for them after you graduate. and the benefits are great. this is a great incentive for a single mother like myself because i've never not had a full time job. but you cannot work full time and go to nursing school. and with talking to the nurse recruiter i told her that i plan to bridge to rn after i graduate, she went on to tell me that the starting lpn's normally get the 3rd shift and it's hard for them to bridge because you bridge at night. so, i'm not sure about that anymore either! i'm afraid to sign a "contract" to work with anyone because if i want to move to a different dept or what have you i want to be able to do that; or if a better opportunity arises at another facility i want the freedom to take it. i need the money for sure but would much rather concentrate on my studies.

    2. when you graduate from nursing school and you go to work at a hospital, do you automatically get the low end of the totum pole as far as schedules go? in other words, do you automatically get the night shift? i understand that you cant go into a new job and expect to have the best of all jobs, but i've heard so many "stories" about some employers will let you make your own schedule to work around everyone's family. which is a great thing but i'm constantly thinking how can they do that because i don't know anyone who wouldn't want to work in the day time and be off on the weekends. ya know? not sure if i'm really getting my point across on this one...

    3. does anyone know the starting pay, here in the jackson, ms area, for hospitals vs. clinics?

    sorry this is long but these are just a few of the many questions that i have. i've been reading in this forum for hours now but no one seems to be from ms so i thought i'd ask. regardless of where you're from, i would love to hear from anyone who may or may not be able to give me some insight on the above concerns.


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    hi my wife is in lpn school now. win job center pays for her to go to school. im sure they would pay for you to being a single mother and all. just call your local office and talk to someone there. that way you want have to sign a contract. she also gets the pell grant so after each term she gets about 7 or 8 hundred dollars after the school gets there money. dont' know much of anything else. except she says the bridge program is only a couple nights a week dont' know if thats' so or not she doesnt' graduate until june.
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    I think that HolmesCC in Ridgeland does the LPN to RN bridge during the day. There are classes that you have to take in the summer then you go for the fall and spring semesters. Check out the WIN job center and get on the waiting list NOW! they run out of funds quick...I am still waiting; I just finished my first year of ADN at Holmes CC Grenada.
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    what are the qualifications for receiving the money from win job center??
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    I am not sure on all of them...You have to fill out a FAFSA and be a resident of Mississippi, I think. Since I have a previous degree I don't qualify for pell grant or federal loans so I don't have to fill out the FAFSA. And you have to show the letter of acceptance from the school.
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    I'm an RN and can't answer some of this, but I did want to answer #2.

    I just started work and right now I do 7a-3p. I am brand new too. Our floor also does the self scheduling and everyone has said, for the most part, you do get what you want. Tons of my friends I graduated with got day shift fresh out of school - so no, it isn't always the newbie getting the crap hours automatically.
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    Thanks alot! That makes me feel better or at least not want to give up hope! Which I've always got hope!
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    hi greenidgrl, im a newly grad from lpn finished in 2007 the pay in the clinic stinks 9.75 for most clinic,11.25 for hospitals and 16 for nursing home. I started off on m/s floor @11.25 I had 7a to 7p with rotated weekend.Its really touch for an lpn in the hospital setting.But I have now been exposed to a lot of things and know how to handle the worst of a situation. med surg would be great for you start.And for that contract at msh its not good if your planning to go back to school right after pn school because they dont pay for upgrade and even if you didnt upgrade then you will have to wait 2 years. msh have ms hospital on campus but like to place lpns in their nursing homes and thats not for everybody either. pay scale is meridian area the lowest paid. jx area is about 2 dollars diff.
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    hi for the winn job center money they like for you to be accepted into the program first and then job placement like hurricane katrina layoffs or low income.i did recieve assistance and it was so helpful.You also may want to contact a community service thats in your city or town they can help with all utility (xcept water) and rent.
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