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Did anyone apply to ICC? I am wanting to here now and I am going crazy.... Read More

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    i am married and have daughter, she is 19 months. i live 10 minutes from the school. i may know some of your husbands family i have lived here my whole life.

    if you are paying out off pocket for books the list for them should be out by the middle of july, don't buy them in the bookstore if you don't have to. i don't have the book anymore, but i got off of for 10 bucks. the isbn is 0072951702. make sure you get in all of your required proof (shots, cpr, and physical) it can take a week or so to change your major to be able to registrar for nursing classes. is micro the only other non nursing class that you need? i may can help with the good teachers in the other classes. i am taking fundamentals mwf 8am and lab on t & r 8 am and the dosage fri at 10.

    do you know anyone else that got into the program, because you are the only other person that i know of the has got in.

    anything else, just ask!!

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    Congrats!!!!!! I graduated from ICC RN in May. I am in orientation at NMMC with women's/childrens line. Good luck.
    God Bless,
    Mary Ann
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    I was thinking of applying to Itawamba for the RN program. I have done all my schooling thus far in Indiana. Five of the prerequisites here are actually in the clinicals there. I got accepted here, so I am starting the clinicals here. If they would let me transfer to Itawamba after the first semester, I would hardly have any time left in clinicals. It's crazy how each state is so different in their education! I would have rather gone through the clinicals in MS, since my family is there, but I guess I'll just complete it here.
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    Have you asked about challenging into the program? I don't know how the time frame would work out for you but you could always ask.

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    I am not sure what you mean by challenging into the program. I did email the program director about transferring and she told me there are almost never any transfer openings. Could you explain what challenging is?
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    instead of taking fundamentals or the math dosage(which is what you take in the 1st semester) you would take a mastering test and if you pass then you don't have to have that class because you already know the skills that you would learn in those classes.
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    Thanks for the heads up on the Microbiology. I bet you do know my husband. He graduated class of 96 from IAHS. Please let me know if you get the book list anytime soon. We will definitely have to meet up once school starts. I'm not coming to MS until the 1st or 2nd week of August. Really looking forward to meeting you. I don't know anyone else who got into the program either! Mary Ann, thanks for the sweet sentiment! Did you work at NMMC ER? Before getting your RN, I mean.
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    No I didnt work for NMMC prior to getting my RN. I worked for home health years ago as an aid but I have been a stay at home mom for about 15 years.
    Mary Ann
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    Hi! I know this is off topic, but I really really need some help!!!!!!! I got accepted into ICC's ADN program for fall 2010. I did not get my acceptance letter unitl the first week in July. I was on the waiting list, but a position became open for me. Okay once I was notified about my acceptance. I sent my money in for housing. Someone finally answered the phone yesterday, and she told me i was # 79 on the waiting list and I would not be getting a room. Okay this is the problem I live in Clarskdale, MS, which is maybe 150 miles away. I do not know absolutely any one in fulton or tupelo, and I definitely can not commute everday. I really can not afford an apt right now. This is sort of stressing me out. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could probably rent a room from someone every week at a cheap rate or some other means of me having a place to stay. I am not going to let this hold me back. SO if you can, please help me! Thanks!

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