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  1. Hello,
    I just passed my NCLEX and I am waiting on my license. I am not sure what to do meanwhile . I am from out of the country and I am not very familiar with the hiring process. Can I start applying for a job before I have my license? Can I say "pending" or something like that? Do I always have to apply online or can I go to human resources in a hospital to turn in my resume?
    I would really appreciate if someone takes a little bit of her/his valuable time and give some advice.
    Thanks beforehand!
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  3. by   pielęgniarka
    Yes - start applying now as a graduate nurse. Some places will hire you on as a GN (grad nurse) prior to taking the Nclex and obtaining your actual license. It depends on the facility.

    Some places only allow you to apply online then they contact you. I would try to go place to place first if this is possible. Learn what you can about the places you apply at as well, research the web sites or brochures so you sound interested & knowledgable when you get a chance to talk to someone.

    Good luck!
  4. by   LPGil
    Thanks! I didnt know if going to the actual place would be a good idea, but I will try it, I think it gives you more opportunities.
  5. by   edenprairie12
    hi,same my story outside usa experience,passed nclex from first time, now almost 8 months no job,looked every where. it is harder 4 us.maybe they prefer new grads from here on us,although i have 3 years experiance, be patient,patient,i was thinking soon after lisence i will get a job.i always get calls from other states but i dont want 2 relocate,think of it.
  6. by   SpelaD
    I also have 2 years of outside US experience working as an RN (intern). I passed NCLEX last month on a first try. I got a call from a hospital where I applied yesterday and was told they were going to forward my resume but that it is a bad time to be looking for a job because all new grads are out of school and those interning in "my" hospital would be hired before me.