In need of some CEU's any suggestions

  1. 0 In need of CEU's. Where do you find yours? What is MNB policies? Read their sight but was not too clear. When I received my MN licsense they stated I needed 24 hrs but did not specify if they had to be so many live or if I could do all on line. Any help would be appreciated.
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    This site should answer your questions.
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    Thanks for sharing the link!
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    Quote from mlolsonny

    This site should answer your questions.
    Thanks for your help. I viewed this site but did not even see this. Much appreciated. I'm in West Central Mn as well. New to the area - approx 2 months. I'm getting ready for the cold. Have a good one!
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    Maybe this is a stoooopid question, but what about the CEU's in
    Nursing2005, etc.? I didn't see that mentioned....but I AM glad to see Medscape.

    I may never end up moving to MN, but I would rather be on the safe side. (If husband had his way.....we would be there now on the Gunflint or North Shore!)
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    according to the MN board of nursing you can get your ceus anywhere and there is no requirement as to how many can come from magazines, the internet or classes hope this helps
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    google -free rn ceu - you will get a ton of sites. i know in florida we have certain mandatory ones (domestic violence, aids). if you have mandatories you can find those too.
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    Western schools is a great place to get CEUs. They sent you a book of your choice along with a test you sent it back and they issue you a certificate. It's good in Minnesota I've used it several times.

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