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Hi everyone, I'm currently looking at various policies re: visitation in the ICU and it got me thinking about issues with shift change. At our 10-bed ICU/stepdown, we restrict visitors from 0700-0730 and 1900-1930; my... Read More

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    Columbia presbyterian has zero visitors from 6-8 on both shifts and no admissions as well!
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    Quote from opossum

    That's true, there always will be "those" families that impede your workflow. Then again, I really would expect parents to hover around their's the adult ICU patient's sister's boyfriend's cousin's dog's brother-in-law bombarding me with questions that really irks me and sets a bad tone for the shift.

    I guess I just need to get out of this negative mindset I have about visitors in general.

    And, of course, giving a thorough bedside report without violating HIPAA, etc.
    I agree. Visitors are tough. Another nurse said the best patients are vented, sedated, and orphaned. Haha