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  1. Hey guys I've been working on this for a coulple weeks. Each time I take the test I get a 65%. 97 out of 150 questions correct. The score does not change. How reflective of the CCRN review do you find this to being your true score on the test?
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  3. by   armyicurn
    Passing score is 87 out of 125 questions. You will actually have 150 ?s but 25 are not counted towards the final score. These 25 ?s are for future tests.

    I just got notice of my score today. So yippie!Glad to have it out of the way and now is on my way to collect my money from Uncle Sam.

    Study hard and hit system by system. I recommend you use the Gasparis CDs and the pass CCRN book. I also go the 2008 CCRN review cd like 3 days before my test and I really hit that one hard too.

    There is also a small book by Gasparis that has a lot of good ?s and the 2008 review along with this book have some questions that were almost verbatim in my test.

    Good luck.
  4. by   Designer NP
    I do have the Laura Gasparis book also. I like the pass CCRN book and review because it seems more in depth. I'm just wondering how did you do on the CCRN review tests? And how long did you study. I plan on taking it late May early June.
  5. by   armyicurn
    I was getting mid 70s to the point that I had almost memorized what they were asking on each question. Keep in mind that you must understand what the question is asking.

    I studied for about 4-5 months. This also includes about a month and a half away from the books. Sometimes you just have to give your brain a good break... Once I got back on it, I was forcing myself to review even after long 12-14 hr shifts in the ICU before going to bed at night.

    You have 3 hours to do 150 questions. Plenty of time and you need to try to pace yourself to be done within that time. Do not rush it and do not change the answers. You will know how you did if you take it on the computer. I took my on pencil and paper and had to wait about 3 weeks for the results.
  6. by   armyicurn
    Forgot to add on my previous post... use the Pass CCRN book as a reference. If you get into it too much, you could get overloaded. To be honest, I looked-read the first section on cardiac and never went back to it. I mainly used the CD.
  7. by   RNforLongTime
    I took CCRN back in 2006. I pretty much only used Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio's tapes and book. And I also saw her CCRN review in person. SO much better in person!
    I did buy Pass CCRN, mainly for the CD. Did those questions many times and I passed! You can too! Good luck!
  8. by   newyorknat
    I plan on starting to study for the test and passing it! I have been in the ICU for 2 years and am going in with a positive state of mind..I havent booked the date but have the dvd's and a book of questions..I am focused now... I really want to pass this exam
  9. by   armynurse49
    I am studying for the ccrn but I feel so overwhelmed. I have the pass ccrn but that's too much information for me. I have Gasparis book of questions, tapes and dvd. Is this enough? will i be prepared by studying these resources?
  10. by   athena55
    Hey armynurse49:
    Do a search here on All Nurses for CCRN, there is a forum for like-minded RNs who are studying for the CCRN. From what I have been reading, almost everyone who passed the CCRN on their first try used the Dr. Laura Gasparis CDs/DVDs and the Robin D. Dennison book Pass CCRN
    I am hoping to take it in about 3-4 months.
  11. by   24carebear
    How did you do with the CCRN exam? I am taking it within the next week and am getting low 70s on my practice PASS CCRN exams. How well did your scores correlate with your CCRN score?
    I'm in the freaking out zone and need a lil boost of confidence
    Thanks a ton!!
  12. by   ak47m203
    keep using pass ccrn cd, 150 questions q day... and you will see your score go up, i just passed last 9/11/10