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  1. 0 Hello everyone,

    I have been trying to prepare for the CCRN exam for a while now. I am not sure why I haven't been dedicated to take the test and always been not serious about studying it but claim that I have been studying A LOT lolz

    Anywho, I did the PASS CCRN and got low grade on the test (low 100's); does this indicate that I am not ready to take the actual thing? How do I know that I am ready for the test? Each test prep says something different; I invested in many resources like (David Woodruff, Laura Gasparis, AACN, and many other books and tapes)

    I still feel that I am lost and not ready to take it. How can I tell when I am ready?

    Thanks in advance to all for your input!
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    Go over to the CVICU forum. There is a quite long chain discussing the CCRN.
    Your particular question is answered there.
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    the CCRN is just a basic overview of a lot of topics. If you watched the Gasparis DVDs, and the Pass CCRN questions you are fine.
    Don't over think it.
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    I took and passed the CCRN in September this year and I only used the Pass CCRN book and CD. Actually I mainly used the CD because the book has way too much information to sort through. If you're getting in the low 100's on the tests you are just about there.

    I break the test down like this, I concentrated mostly on CV, respiratory, and synergy. 60-70% of the test consists of synergy and CV.
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    Remember the NCLEX, no one EVER felt ready for that, especially after they took it, haha. It's about confidence in knowledge and skill. You won't be confident that you'll pass, but you can confident that you know your stuff. Good luck, I'll be taking it soon.

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