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I started my first RN job last week... I am working in a community hospital's 12-bed ICU and so far I LOVE it. I have a wonderful preceptor who has already taught me SO much in just 2 shifts... and we (the new grads) are just... Read More

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    Thanks for posting your experience. I'm in my final semester of nursing school as a second career changer and am doing my practicum on a large university based ICU where we get very sick patients. This is also where I will be working after I graduate so my practicum is also my orientation (although I will also get an orientation when i graduate, albeit abbreviated).

    The most difficult part for me is that at times I feel totally overwhelmed and wonder if feeling this way is normal and if I am capable of being able to be on my own, doing a code and basically not killing people when I am on my own after orientation. I know that being a critical care nurse is probably one of the hardest most stressful jobs ever...but I tend to be hard on myself and have high expectations. Reading experiences like yours and others on here though helps very much with my own anxiety and learning. Thank you.

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    I love to see newbie proud of themselves. This of course couldn't have happen without the hospital critical care program & your preceptor.

    Don't forget the nursing is a forever evolution & new things come out every day. Don't forget to look up the thinks you don't know & of course always ask when you feel that nursing intuition for a 2nd look.

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    I'm so glad I found this posting! I just got hired into a new grad ICU program. The hospital is a Level 1 trauma hospital with a 70-bed ICU! I am ecstatic..and also a bit anxious!! The orientation is a 16-week training, with the option to add on another 4 weeks if need be. I cannot wait to start and hopefully, all goes well with it as it has for the OP!
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    Sounds like you have a great program going on. That is a really nice new grad orientation and you seem to ahve experienced alot in your first week. Like the others said, expect to start feeling comfortable in about a year. What your preceptor is doing is right, throwing you in right away. Its the best way to learn. On my first week, my preceptor had me assisting the Dr in an intuabtion, and i freaked a little, but I am glad when she pushed me up there.

    I'm glad you love it. ICU nursing is very rewarding.

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