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Soon after I graduated I joined the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, because I thought it might help me with my new job in the ICU. And I was kind of idealistically thinking that joining your supporting association... Read More

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    I love the AACN. I was a critical care nurse for years and years and never joined AACN until I was going to sit for my CCRN and the cost was the same (pay for a membership plus your test fees for the same price as just the test fee), so I joined. It was a very good decision and I renew it every year. I love the journals and the news letter and the networking. They keep me updated on the latest EBP. The yearly membership is very reasonable compared to- say the ANA.... It has opened me up to networking and QI, and free CEUs. The AACN are advocates for nursing knowledge and nursing autonomy. They have done a great deal for nursing. I believe the AACN helps us to be leaders adn drivers of your profession. I tell all of my students, if i had known the benefits, I would have joined years ago. It is only like 100 dollars/year!

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