Fecal Management Systems

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    I am doing some research on fecal management systems (FMS). FMS are utilized for your bedridden, immobilized or incontinent patient with liquid or semi-liquid stool.

    Has anyone used a Flexi-Seal, ActiFlo or DigniCare fecal management system. If so, which one have you used or do you prefer and why.
    [/h]Thank You kindly.

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    I don't really prefer DigniCares, it's just what my hospital carries. Never used the other two...
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    We use FlexiSeal, and I've never used the other two systems.

    FlexiSeal either works in your pt or it doesn't (leakage).
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    Digicares leak too... oh what fun with a gi bleed and poo everywhere...
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    I also use a nasal trumpet connected to a foley bag.

    Before you call me crazy, research has shown that it's actually less damaging to the rectum (and way cheaper too!)
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    Our hospital only carries one FMS -- FlexiSeal. Honestly, I find that it is a waste of money. Leakage, leakage, leakage! Especially hard to get a good seal and containment on overweight patients.

    I've had much better luck with a cheaper rectal tube and foley bag system.
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    We have FlexiSeals and from my experience, all they do is leak!
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    I have used both FlexiSeal and Actiflo. They both leak slightly but it is better than nothing, by far. I prefer FlexiSeal probably because I have used it much more. Both of them will come out if you have a very aggressive cougher.

    I have never tried a nasal trumpet and foley bag. It is a very creative idea!
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    Our hospital used flexiseal for a while and then we switched to Dignicare. I think Dignicare works better....it's shaped like a cone and I think the leakage is much less. Plus, dignicare is rolling out an improved version. It is better coated and the odor is better contained.
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    Dignicare- leaks EVERYWHERE!!!!

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