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by rebelccrn

Hello everyone! I'm a CCRN and I currently work in an SICU in a teaching hospital in my state. Starting on June 1st, our facilty will be going to be transitioning to the Epic computer system hospital-wide. I have no experience... Read More

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    Epic is the most cumbersome charting system I've ever used. It's simply dreadful.

    The learning curve is steep, but I guess one can learn anything over time.
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    Our hospital have a multi-phase plan to transition to EPIC as well. We're already on the EPIC eMAR as of a couple months ago and will start electronic order entry and electronic progress notes, H&P's, consults, and procedure notes in June. As an NP, I've attended multiple provider training sessions both online and in-class. It does appear cumbersome and overwhelming as the screen appears rather busy but I love many of the features. It seems like there are tons of shortcuts and secrets built into the program itself.
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    I particularly like the "smartphrases" for writing progress notes. With computerized physician order entry, it's also very nice to actually be able to READ the orders, rather than trying to interpret (sometimes by a committee of 2-3 other nurses) what the doc has scribbled.
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    LOVE epic OneChart. I cut my teeth on it, so I am biased. My experience with other systems is limited, basically just Cerna which I hated, but again, unfamiliarity can sink an opinion.

    Epic is extremely powerful, well supported and filled with charting failsafes. You can do anything from anywhere with it. You'll get trained, play with it.

    I do not work for the company that makes it. And again, I learned EMR charting on Epic so I am probably biased. I admit that, but it's worlds better than at least one other system I have had direct experiences of.
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    The hospital where I am transitioned to EPIC a year ago in Feb/Mar. We did not get NEARly enough time to get trained on it, but HR does a pretty good job with the new hires these days. I don't miss paper charting. At. All.

    I love being able to tab and click through my assessment and charting. I can still write a "flowsheet" note that is visible to everyone who reads the Notes.

    What I like best is that once you put it in EPIC it's there forever! No more ripping pages out of charts these days!!

    ( A doctor I used to work with back when dinosaurs roamed the earth would round on patients at midnight...from the doorway. And he would write up all these assessment findings. Well one night we told him the patient he was charting on had died earlier. And yes, he ripped out the entire page of that chart.)

    To the OP, it will be an adjustment but you will get through it. Pay close attention when they teach about administering the blood though. We have to click this superlittle box that everyone forgets to click.

    Good luck!
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    We transitioned to Epic a week ago from mdeitech. The support from epic has been wonderful standing by on the floor to help us through this steep learning curve. I agree I feel the screens are busy, I have a hard time concentrating on the item I need to be looking for.
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    I've worked with Epic for a total of 6 years (at several different facilities). Each hospital tweaked it a little differently according to their needs. Some were more user-friendly than others. My current hospital has the best version, in my opinion. "Best" being the most streamlined, easy to use, most forgiving.
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    Epic is great or awful depending on who designs it. I worked in a large children's hospital and lived it. Clean, streamlined, only needed a few (assessment, restraint, profile for admits, controlled substances, vitals, i&o) even for the sickest Pts.
    Then I transferred to a major university teaching hospital that implemented epic within a month if me starting. Wholly Hott mess. They decided to go crazy w the tabs. I probably used 10-12 every day.(vitals, i&o, pain, restraints, assessment, pivs, daily cares, hourly rounding, ldas that are not pivs,wounds, glucose/insulin/carbs, and more!) No one ever cleaned up orders so the active orders page would have junk from old order sets (pot or line placement type things, etc.). Then there was the code manager. Omg. I don't think even the people who invented that could accurately chart a code. Than after u "ended" the code u couldn't read what had happened. Epic there was awful. They took away the nurses writing notes in the notes section bc mds didn't want us cluttering up their space. So we wrote significant events in a box on the vitals page. Awful. You had to actually scroll back days and click the box to read what people wrote. Part of the reason I was done w that place.
    I have since returned to the picu in the children's hospital. Epic there remains uncluttered and streamlined. I can see what has happened w my pt over the course io their stay. I am very happy with it.
    So. I think epic is either great or awful drowning in where you are.