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Hello all. We are working with the PICC placement nurses to develop a competency for EJ insertions. I wonder what size catheters, length included, taht you have seen used for this. Does anybody have a link to good policies for... Read More

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    Nope, we can only put in IV's peripherally, as in the arms only lol. Docs have to put in an EJ or IJ IV. Nurses place PICCs at out hospital, but I've only ever seen nurses put PICCs in, so that's nothing new.

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    When I worked in the ED as a staff RN, we were placing EJ's using a G18 Angiocath on patients with difficult arm venous access. These are considered PIV's and are subject to the 3-day limit of use. I've worked in ICU now as an ACNP and I've never seen a staff RN place an EJ. They typically ask us NP's or residents to place them. I personally prefer placing a PICC or an IJ CVC myself which we routinely do as NP's.
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    Only anesthesiology was allowed to place EJs when I worked in the hospital.
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    We place EJs. Generally 18- or 16-gauge. They are peripheral lines -- the external jugular is not a site used for central lines.
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    We do it as SWAT in ours.
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    I've never seen a nurse do it in the ICU. If I can't get a line and they don't want to put a central line in I just ask the doc to please place an EJ.

    ER nurses though, sometimes I see them put IVs in the chest, haven't seen EJ though by a nurse.

    But it is a you still have to treat it like a PIV.
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    I have on occasion, mostly due to my prehospital experience, and most times the other nurses looked at me like I was crazy. In small hospitals without someone available for emergent central ir PICC line insetion, it is invaluable, usually easy and quick. A regular 16 or 14 gauge needle works well.
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    When I worked in the MICU we didn't place them, only peripherally. I work in the ER now and yes, we do put in EJ's. Seriously, I'll place a line anywhere I can to get access in certain situations. I've placed them in toes, calves, upper chest, shoulders and just about anywhere else I can think of.

    EJ's are used as a last resort though. I just keep it in the back of my mind that I can get one in if I need it.
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    Yup, we can place EJ's. I nearly always use an 18g. I've only had one pt who I used a small gauge on and that was because I seriously doubted an 18 would fit without occluding the vein. I do them in the ER and did them when I worked on the floor. Most of the floor nurses won't do them (thank god.. most of them are bad enough at putting an IV in the arm), but there's only a handful of ER nurses that don't do them.
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    We do them usually a 16g but only our er and icu nurses are allowed to place them.

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