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  1. suiteums

    Emergency Room Nurses!!!! HELP!

    Wow petalicious, a respectable amount of very busy ER nurses took time out of their day to help you by writing very detailed responses to your very lengthy survey and and you didn't even bother to acknowledge their effort. Shame on you . To all of those that did contribute, Thank You and your participation was appreciated at least by me! :yelclap:
  2. suiteums

    Waitlisted? Rejected? NEVER Give Up!

    Yes, I did read the whole way through . Wonderful message, thank you!
  3. suiteums

    Azusa Pacific University 2011/2012 Applicants

    I haven't heard anything,but I got accepted into USD and already put my deposit down there, so....
  4. suiteums

    USD MEPN Interview tips??

    how's ucla?
  5. suiteums

    Things Patients Have Taught Me NOT To Do.

    wowwwwww, ewwwwww!
  6. I'm a prior service Army reserve enlistee, currently an active duty Navy spouse that just got accepted into the Master's entry program at Universtiy of San Diego! My program is going to be expensive, and I always assumed I'd just "sell my soul" to Uncle Sam again to help pay my student loans because it wasn't so bad the first time around. Now I'm hearing it's hard to even go into the military now and I'm thinking maybe I'll just wait to see if I can just work at an "underserved" hospital on the civilian side for 2 years instead of committing myself to 6 years as two active duty parents (we have a 7 & 4 year old). Two questions: 1) How long does the NCP programs process take? Should I start applying now or closer to graduation (May 2013)? 2) Should I just forget the military altogether and just let my hubby finish up his 20? P.S. This program is the CNL track and I do plan on going back for my NP post masters certificate (two semesters) I know the military will help me with this schooling. Agghhhhhh, decisions, decisions...
  7. suiteums

    giving report

    Wish I could give a bizillion kudos on your handling of that situation. I've got to remember that!
  8. suiteums

    USD MEPN Interview tips??

    Haven't received the receipt but the check cleared so that's confirmation enough. Also, I was sent instructions on how to establish my online account with email, so I'm officially a USD student...woohoo!
  9. suiteums

    USD MEPN Interview tips??

    No, they said we'll get a carbon copy from that receipt they sent. My check hasn't cleared yet so I figure it hasn't been processed. I'll call them on Monday if I haven't seen anything.
  10. suiteums

    USD MEPN Interview tips??

    yep, I'm in, check's in the mail!
  11. suiteums

    USD MEPN Interview tips??

    Guys, let's not jump to any conclusions yet, anything could've happened. Maybe they're sending out Emails in batches or something. If not, there is always the waitlist, one of the MEPN's in our breakout sessions didn't get in until July!
  12. suiteums

    USD MEPN Interview tips??

    Hey everybody, check your email! Woohoo!
  13. suiteums

    USD MEPN Interview tips??

    Boo, I'd rather be in competition with idiots
  14. suiteums

    USD MEPN Interview tips??

    I know! It's been 3 business days already! LOL!