Calling all CCRNs!

  1. Hey all CCRNs -- First of all I would like to thank you for reading and responding to my post, I appriciate any insight and/or advice you can provide to me as I continue my journey in becoming specialty certified in critical care nursing.

    1. I am currently utilizing the most current edition of Pass CCRN! by Dennison for the bulk of my CCRN review. I am currently going through the cardio section of the book (almost finished). Taking notes and making notecards along the way, as well as utilizing the CD-ROM provided with the book to do the 10-question quizzes (I review and take notes on rationales for all questions, wether I got them right or wrong). My question is -- In reviewing the cardio section, it seems like the book is WAY in depth, I understand that the CCRN is a proficency test but, this book is overwhelming me, just a tad. Is it normal to feel this way? Should I even take the time to review the rest of the book or just go straight to the questions / rationales? Any insight / comment is appriciated.

    2. I am currently schedule (for a road trip) to go see Laura Gusparis' two-day CCRN review course. I heard that hers is the best around and she provides you with everything that you need to "pass" the test. Now my question is, I scheduled my test date three days after the review, hoping that the material that she reviews with us is fresh in my mind. Do you all think that this is the correct way to do it? Or should I push the test date back so I can complete more questions? (I plan on completeing the entire Pass CCRN! CD-ROM prior to seeing Laura). Any insight / comment is appriciated.

    Let me add, I am doing this certification for validate my own knowledge and ability to perform as a critical care nurse, I am not doing it to climb a clinical ladder, etc.

    Also any comments on what you thought of the test or things you saw on the test that you didnt expect would be appriciated (be sure not to post actual questions, just concepts for me to brush up on! dont wanna get in trouble!)

    Thanks all!!
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  3. by   Esme12
    Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio (PhD) Is a brilliant speaker and lecturer. She will give you what you need to pass. There has NEVER been a lecture that I haven't walked away from with a complete understanding of the subject. If you have been a SICU RN for less that 2 years and a nurse less than 5, I would push back the test slightly until after her lecture to gain the necessary grasp on the information. Since you are scheduled you have completed the required hours necessary at the bedsie to sit for the exam. I haven't tested for a while but I found working cath lab helpful for the test was heavy cardiac. You will LOVE Laura Gasparis Vonfriolio.........Follow her instructions and you will pass.........Good Luck on your test
  4. by   Reno1978
    I used the CD that came with Pass CCRN, too. I did not use the book. I did the 150 question practice exams until I averaged above 80%. I also watched the Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio DVD review several times.

    I passed.
  5. by   ckh23
    I only used Pass CCRN. The book has lots of information, but you really just need to pick out the relevant parts. I thought the CD was an excellent resource and just kept taking practice tests and examines. I would spend the most time studying cardiac and synergy as it makes up 60% of the test.
  6. by   meandragonbrett
    All you need is the DVD from PASS CCRN and to PAY ATTENTION to everything Laura Gasparis says. She is an excellent presenter and is easily able to keep your attention.

    That is all you will need to pass!