Who's hiring new grads in Michigan???

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    I graduated in may and am just beginning my job search. My boyfriend has had his heart set on finding a job in California, but the posts i've read have been very discouraging. I'm considering looking in Michigan since I'm already living and licensed here. I would like to live in Ann Arbor, Royal Oak, Grand Rapids, or Traverse City. If anyone knows of places hiring new grads in these areas I would love some direction with my job search! Although I would be willing to apply elsewhere if there were jobs! I would be willing to work in LTC or Rehabilitation, but would prefer a hospital setting. I also have an interest in mental health!

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    U of M in Ann Arbor hires new grads. Search for GN positions on the nursing career page. They are posted every Monday. It is advised to call in and speak with a recruiter after the first GN application.
    Good luck with your job search!
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    We have new grads in the Mott ER, keep watching the careers page for openings, still not fully staffed on the floors either
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    I'm also a new grad in Ann Arbor and have been looking at Mott job openings for over a month and I haven't seen one for the ER... I would love to work there! Do you have any tips for meeting people or getting my foot in the door? Do they allow shadowing in the ER? Thanks!
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    I believe there was a graduate nurse internship program a few months ago that was for Mott ER...I don't know about now. Just keep checking the postings every Monday and continue applying. Also, call nurse recruitment and retention if you haven't already done so. You should have received an email to do so after your first GN application. They keep track of new grads who have called in and if you haven't, it can interfere with the application process. You can also express your desire to work in Mott ER and they may be able to tell you about upcoming opportunities if there are any for new grads.
    Hope this helps and good luck!
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    A few if our new grads are comming off orientation in Aug, I don't know if they are hiring more just yet, keep checking, not sure about the shadowing, only shadow I have had was a nurse from Trauma Burn unit. We had 4 nurses leave in the past month so we have a need for more
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    Thanks for responding to my post! Ann Arbor was actually my first pick and I know U of M is a well known hospital. I am glad to know they are hiring new grads and will definitely give them a shot!
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    I am completing my RN program here in AZ and will finish in May. I'm originally from Michigan and would like to move back. I'm wondering how the job market is for new grads, and what hospitals might hire new grads.
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    Covenant Healthcare does, although Saginaw is not the ideal city to live in.
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    Check the rural hospitals up north. They are known to hire new grads, although because they are smaller, the openings come up less often.

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