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so i was doing some research about wccc (wayne county community college) and found out that they are not accredited by nlnac. does it really matter if the program isnt accredited? can you still get... Read More

  1. by   RN1982
    Bottom line is that BSN/MSN programs are looking for applicants who graduated from nursing programs that are approved by the State board of nursing not NLNAC or any organization for that matter.. There are many times of accreditation out there and it's just cosmetic. There is no reason to be judgemental about WCCCD's program. It's hard/intense and I work in the ICU with a lot of graduates from that program and they are top notch RNs.
  2. by   TBICU
    Accredited schools are accredited because they choose that option. It is an option and nothing more. A voluntary process, not mandatory. As I stated before, for RN's the only time being accredited matters is if you want to attend a nurse anesthetist school, which must be accredited schools if a person wants to sit for the boards through the Council of Accreditation to become a CRNA, or the military, or some other very distinct situation that might require an accredited program. The IT profession is apples to the RN profession oranges.
  3. by   ashley57900
    my cousin graduated the WCCCD nursing program in 06 number 3 in her class and is now working at a very well respected hospital in the ICU making more money than people she works with who went to Michigan University. It doesn't matter.
  4. by   CandyGyrl
    Nice to know. No attempts to offend, that's why I asked. Probably should've dug a lil deeper. So... what is the big deal about then?

    Party on!
  5. by   MInurse2b
    WCCCD is absolutely accredited through the State of Michigan which is the only true seal of approval needed to graduate nurses. No school could run a nursing college without the 'States' approval period. So yes, WC3D is accredited.

    The accrediting institution you are speaking of is more like an additional seal of approval, and is not necessarily required (at least not for ADN programs the last time I checked - most four year colleges carry this accreditation though). Metaphorically, for schools to have the NLNAC accreditation is just like us joining a nursing organization like NSNA, ANA, etc. We're not required to have memberships with these organizations to practice nursing, they just look good on resume - same thing with the NLNAC.

    Besides the proof is in the pudding....WC3D has been graduating legitimate nurses that have gone on to become fairly accomplished which have not had any problems whatsoever transitioning into the workforce nor going on for higher education.
  6. by   martharnmsn
    A lot of good answers to this discussion have been made. I got to this website because I was interested in seeing what has been going on with WCCC nursing since I graduated in ummm..1980? I managed to do it all with my associate degree (and then going back to school a couple of times.) ICU, Peace Corp, overseas government work, and now university nursing educator. You be the kind of nurse that you want to be, Just be prepared to work hard!
  7. by   MInursingstudent
    Well...all of you can stop debating b/c soon this will no longer matter. WCCCD has been putting everything in place for the past year (I graduate in December), and we were informed that we will be NLNAC accredited hopefully before the end of the year. I don't see any difference in our program from my first semester when we weren't focused on regaining the NLNAC to the 2nd semester when we were. WCCCD is a very difficult program, which I hear from experienced nurses produces intelligent, hard-working, independent RNs.
  8. by   MrsClarkRN
    That's great to hear!!

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