VA (Ann Arbor) vs. UM Hospital

  1. Thanks for reading.....I am in a bit of a good pickle...

    I recently received job offers from two places, but need some pros and cons...
    I recently received a job offer from the local VA Hospital in Ann Arbor that is part time (24 hrs a week). The offer at UM Hospital is a Med Surg Unit (36 hrs a week). The units are similar, patient population obviously quite different. I wonder about benefit differences, ability of a part time employee to pick up shifts, working conditions, and others. Can I get some input from y'all (sorry southerner here). I'd love an employee of both to send me a PM. If not, any input is good.
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    Sorry, I don't currently work for either, as I'm a student... But I wanted to say congrats on getting a job as a new grad! Gives me some hope. I've heard that getting a job at UM is pretty tough!
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    I staff at U of M, drive over an hour to work so I must love it! :-) Seriously, not sure what specific info you're looking for. Bennies at the U are pretty darn good. Retirement is why many work there, they match you 2:1 which is great. (I believe now, you must work there one year before the do that.) Health benefits, I can only comment on married then single bennies, both which were good to me. Life insurance on my husband paid out in a difficult situation, which I was very grateful for.

    Expenses: PARKING stinks! Ok, that's out of my system. I work nights so parking is a bit easier but on days it's a challenge. It's a union shop too so plan on paying union dues. I'm not against unions but I'm not very happy with the UMPNC currently, I'm not finding them sticking up for staff as I feel they should be. We've had some redesign issues not too long ago and the union rolled over and gave the hospital whatever they wanted. I don't call that advocating for the membership. We are due for a change in leadership in a bit so I'm hoping things will improve. They do have tuition reimbursement as a bennie which is nice.

    I work in an advanced practice role with cardiac surgery patients and I love it. We get the most challenging patients from around the country (and sometimes the world) which means you learn a lot caring for them. We also are a world leader in many different areas, which frequently just blows my mind...I mean some of these docs I work with are world leaders in their fields! And I know them! Wowow! You will learn more than you could ever imagine.

    I actually work with a nurse who works at the VA perdiem and staffs at U, she says it's the best of both worlds!

    Hope any of that helps.
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    wow congrats on getting 2 job offers! I'm sure you'll get some great experience no matter which one you choose! Personally I would LOVE to work at UM, any advice for a new grad trying to get in there?
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    the VA and the U are two different animals...and both are good places to work in the AA area...

    Noticed that you did not mention the third large employer of nurses in the AA area...good for you that you did not get a job offer there as well...
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    highlandlass - can you comment on the amount of tuition reimbursement that UM offers?
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    Quote from MSUgrad
    highlandlass - can you comment on the amount of tuition reimbursement that UM offers?
    tuition is covered in the contract, paragraph is a bit long so I'll try to summarize: amount reimbursed is dependent upon your FTE (a 0.5 will get less than a 0.9 or 1.0). Also dependent upon where course is taken (U of M facility vs. non-U of M facility. Also taken into account are grades: For an undergrad, you must make at least a "C" in the course, grad school you must make a "B". Reimbursement will only include registration fees and tuition, nothing else. And I believe elgibility is for only up to 4 credit hours per term. Hope that helps and isn't too confusing.